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tgd2008March 28, 2009


I need to figure out lighting for my bathroom. It's just a standard small bath with tub/shower alcove. About 8x10. There are two tall cabinets and a 42" vanity in between with one sink. Valance is overhead between the cabinets. I'm planning on two sconces flanking an oval mirror. I think I need some overhead lighting in that grooming area for lighting all around.

How would you handle this situation?


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I'm forgoing the idea of additional (overhead canned) lighting in the vanity area and opting for a ceiling fixture for general lighting.

I was hoping to take the high efficacy plunge there, also on a dimmer as I usually don't like bright lights but need the option for well lit. What lamps would I be restricted to? CFL E26 bulbs I've tried have a poor color light. I was thinking the circline might be better as the Kelvin and CRI figures looked pretty good, comoparable to incandescent. But they can't be put on a dimmer can they? There was even a CRI 100. LEDs sound really good but are they only in the canned version for general lighting, ie, no flush mounts yet? Any others to consider?

I'd just do incandescents on a dimmer if I can't get a quality light color in there, but just read that that isn't as efficient as it appears on the surface, which I had no idea of.

Can anyone straighten my head out?


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