Dishwasher with cabinet front?

kitchen-renoJanuary 30, 2014

I'm new to GW - I've been reading and reading as we embark on our kitchen/dining room renovation. Our space is small. The layout we've finalized has our oven and dishwasher right next to each other. There really were no other good options. I decided that one way to make this look good, not just "ok", is to have a cabinet panel on the dishwasher. I have not yet gone appliance shopping but am searching online and having a hard time figuring out which models I can do this with. What is the best way to search? Or what do you recommend for this type of DW? We have ordered white inset cabinets, if that matters. From my reading here, I've learned that I probably want a European DW since they are a little less deep than others. But how do I tell what can have a panel added?

also, my GC has never installed a panel on a DW. Is this something I should try to hire out to someone else? obviously I want it to look good - don't need "practiciing" on my kitchen if this is something difficult to do.

thanks in advance!

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The type of dishwasher you want is called "panel ready". If you search the AJ Madison website, you can pull up dishwashers that offer this feature. We have a Bosch model, our cabinet maker made the panel, our GC installed it (not difficult, there is a template and instructions). You have to buy a handle for it. There are a lot of threads that discuss the size people have used. We bought a 6" appliance pull for ours.

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We also have a Bosch panel-ready model, we got the panel from the cabinet company (which originally sent the wrong panel despite having the right specs -- for the kind of dw that has the controls on the front, which ours does not). While the refrigerator panel installation was very complicated and took almost the entire day, the dishwasher panel was very easy according to our GC. We used a 12" handle that matches our other (9" and 6") cabinet handles.

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If you have inset cabinets, the Miele and Bosch panel ready DWs are highly recommended due to the depth issue you highlighted, unless you are getting extra-deep cabinets. They also happen to be the most recommended brands. There are a few things to verify when ordering the door and when aligning the template for installation -- see the Appliance Forum for more details. I used an 8" handle.

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I have a KitchenAid Architect Superba dishwasher that I had to have a panel put on b/c the range and fridge are a different brand and the stainless didn't match. The dishwasher is good. I honestly prefer to hand wash but I can tell you when I do run it (I force myself to run it at least once every 3 weeks) it does a very nice job. There are instructions in the manual on how to put a panel on and if you ask the appliance salesman how to do it, they can tell you.

One thing that was important for me was that the controls be on the top. I personally don't like the look of paneled dishwasher that have the controls in the front.

Here is a link that might be useful: KitchenAid Panel Ready Dishwasher

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You don't need extra-deep cabinets to put in a non-European dishwasher. You just pull the base cabinets forward far enough to accommodate the required installation depth.

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"You don't need extra-deep cabinets", true, you only need the extra space and potentially, extended sides. The OP said they had a small space.

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3/4". It won't take up any more room than if the OP had gone for overlay doors instead of inset. After all, it's highly unlikely that inset doors were chosen because of space requirements.

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What you need to look for is the term "FULL INTEGRATED". Some DW can be panel ready and still not look like a cabinet.

Here is a job I did for a client a few years ago. Her DW is right next to her free standing range. We did a fully integrated Bosch DW. Because her cabinets are INSET, we definitely needed the Shallowness of the European brands.

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I chose a dishwasher with a built in handle because we did not want a handle sticking out. and I didn't want the controls in the door but outside of the door - just my preference. We got a panel ready - so the panel covers the front of the dishwasher, it is integrated into the cabinet but the handle and controls lie flat in stainless steel.

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thanks everyone!
especially kompy for that picture - we will have inset cabs too so it's helpful to get an idea what it will look like! That is the look I'm going for - fully integrated so it's not immediately clear it is a DW

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I have a thing about dishwasher panels. I figure if you are putting a panel on the front, it is to make it look like other cabinets in the room. I did not want one panel for my Fisher Paykel dishdrawers. I had my cabinetmaker make two faux drawer fronts to go over the dish drawer.

I have single two dish drawers, one on each side of the sink.

Here is a picture of them closed. (the top two "drawers" are the dish washer, the bottom drawer is a real drawer)

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And here is a picture of them open.

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beekeeper, that is a brilliant design!

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beeskeeperswife: Those are fantastic -- they really blend in well.

When you order your panel for your inset DW, make sure you double check the width measurement to ensure that it spans the full open minus 1/4" or 3/8". The old template recommendation on the Bosch is too narrow for a standard opening -- they've since added a note to their template. Here's my installation using inset cabinets of normal depth, to give you another example.

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Yes! We were lucky to have seen that thread before we had our cabinets installed, so the contractor just moved everything a tad closer so the dishwasher door fit "tighter" - then he added that little bit to a filler at the other end.

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