Bosch Nexxt DLX leaking water onto floor...any ideas?

artemis78September 4, 2011

The repair guy is coming later in the week, but I'm trying to figure out if there's anything obvious we've missed that we can try in the interim.

Our four-year-old Bosch Nexxt DLX (500 series) front loader suddenly started pooling small amounts of water under it. (Not a load's worth of water, but enough to thoroughly wet a towel.) It's running fine with no error codes---only issue is that there is obviously not supposed to be water on the floor! We've tested various connections and eliminated the house supply line and drain as the source; it's coming from within the washer, and it continues when the washer is off (but the supply is on---stops when we turn the water off). Supply and drain hoses have no obvious leaks or flaws. Door seal is fine and it doesn't look to be a problem with the soap dispenser that the repair guy had us check. It looks like it's coming from the lower right connector on the back that was used for the transport bolts (not sure what this would connect to inside that would leak).

Our best guess is something to do with an internal valve for the supply line (puzzled by how else water would be getting into the machine when it's off?) but of course that doesn't seem to be covered by any of the suggested solutions for this problem in the repair manual. ;) Also doesn't explain how/why the water would end up outside of the machine, though.

Does this sound at all familiar to anyone? The machine is in our garage which floods in the rainy season anyway, so we're completely open to playing around with it to see if we can better pinpoint the source and circumstances that trigger it. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Well...dunno....but sure sounds like compromised fill solenoid to me. Will be surprised if it's not. Not uncommon and not too expensive if that's what it is.

Please come back and tell us what found.

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Thanks! Took the top off today to take a closer look and it was indeed one of the solenoid fill valves leaking---from the research my husband did (ah, Google!) he was able to pinpoint which valve it was; the replacement part is relatively cheap (and there was even a video on how to replace it, which sounds pretty straightforward). Will update once I talk to the repair guy tomorrow and confirm the diagnosis, but thanks so much for the tip!

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Quick followup---this was indeed the problem (good diagnosis!) and after describing what we saw to the repair guy, he was confident we could replace the suspect valve ourselves. So we ordered the part for $20 and my husband successfully replaced it in about 10 minutes---good as new with no more water on the floor! Thanks very much for the help.

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Good on ya! Thanks for coming back with report of outcome.

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Can you be a little more precise in naming this part, and can you provide a link to the video? Mine is now doing the same thing.

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Yes, the part ours needed was called "ER422244 ERP Water Valve for Bosch Washer" (ERP is Exact Replacement Part which I think means this was a third-party part; probably Bosch makes an official one too, but this one was cheap and has worked ever since then!) I'm linking to what I think was the video we used, but it's been a while--there are several up now, but this one was posted in March 2011 so it seems likely to have been the one.

Good luck! Ours has been problem free since I posted this. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch valve replacement

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Thank you!

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