Need to find B15 SCB light bulbs

publickmanMarch 18, 2009

I am a furniture designer (and I also design chandeliers, wall sconces, table & floor lamps, etc.), and we currently have orders for chandeliers and floor lamps that are going to Saudi Arabia. We wired the chandelier with B15 S.C. Bayonet sockets (standard for Britain), but I have been unable to find a domestic source for light bulbs that we could use for testing. S.A. uses 137 V, and so we can use normal current for testing, but I need to find the bulbs. I used to get them from a place in New Jersey, but they appear to be out of business.

I was trying to find a forum that would discuss lighting, and I happened to find this on GW, where I was already a member, although I post mostly on the cooking forum. I did find a forum for antique light bulbs, but that is no help.

The chandelier in question is one I designed ten years ago (but still sells), and I am trying now to design lamps that will be appropriate for new lamping restrictions that will occur in the new future.

I hope this is an appropriate question to ask here!


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Have you tried

They have a pretty wide array of bulbs.

Good luck!

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I tried them, but they do not have any single contact bayonet base B15 bulbs - theirs are all pretty much standard domestic bulbs. I need something more exotic - bulbs that have a base that is standard in Britain (and other countries that use British bulbs), but at 120-130 volts. The only other countries I know of where this is standard (beside Saudi Arabia) are Barbatos and Jamaica, which use British sockets (because of the British influence), but use voltage around 110-120. Even Belize uses Edison screw base bulbs. The company in New Jersey sold them to people who had British or other foreign fixtures that they had not rewired. I guess there is not that much of a demand for this.

One of our clients goes to Barbatos fequently, but I don't think I could ask her to pick up some light bulbs for me. We have a showroom in London, but the light bulbs there are 220-240 volts instead of 120. I guess I could use those for the dielectric tests, but they wouldn't perform correctly.


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