Westsider 40 Michigan antique place

bwlr4July 15, 2013

Thank you for offering to help. We were on our way back to Chicago from Holland Mi and we took a turn off and there it was. The picture was taken last year in June. We got such awesome stuff and it was so much fun to look at all their stuff. The notes we took on the stop of course have been lost. We were going toward Lake Michigan we were on
I-196 or 94. Maybe we were farther north than New Buffalo

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? Why post this three times on a cooking site? SPAM?

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Someone suggested that I try this cooking forum that someone from Michigan could give me the answer. It is not spam. I just don't know how to work these forums yet sorry.

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bwlr, I'm from much further North in Michigan, so I won't be of any help, but welcome to the cooking forum.

I hope you find the name of that place, it looks interesting.


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