how to cover up a stain on a woolen blanket

sailskiSeptember 23, 2013

I have 2 woolen blankets with stains on them. Took them to a dry cleaner and was told the stains couldn't come out. I think it may be tea stains. The blankets are ivory colour with green stripes and look practically new. What could I do to cover up the stain - applique (?). I've already cleaned the blankets with eucalan wool wash. Should I spot treat the stain with a Clorox bleach pen - I'm thinking that might degrade the wool fibers. I appreciate any help. Thanks

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Don't bleach wool! It wrecks it.

Learn to live with it ... put them under the bedspread.

An applique would work for small stains, but add several so it's less obvious you are covering something.

Dye the wool with a tea solution and turn it all tea-colored.

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You might try "Linen Wash". It's a cold water treatment that I've had stain removal luck with on occasions. You can use it with wool in cold water, pretreat the spots first then full cold wash, extra spin then air dry over shower or on very low temp to avoid shrinking. It's been around for years and sold in fine specialty shops and online. GL.

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Try laying them in the sun. Wash them VERY carefully, and then while wet, lay the stained blankets in the sun, preferably in the grass. The sun will most likely bleach out the stain, and with no harm to the wool.

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