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amy2202September 29, 2007

I would like to know if anyone has ever put the washer and dryer in the garage.I live in NJ and was not sure if the winter months will effect the efficiecy of the w/d. I will need to use electric dryer and prefer front load washer. Also not sure of the best way to vent dryer.( up to attic, or down into basement across to original vent to outside.)

Thanks for any help

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Hi amy2202, sorry I can't provide you info on the venting of your dryer. But the manual for the Duet WFW9400S front load washer that I just purchased states;
"Install and store your washer where it will not freeze. Because some water may stay in the hoses, freezing can damage your washer."

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I don't think it is a good idea to put it in a garage. It gets cold in NJ.

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I live in Minnesota and installed my washer/dryer in the garage.

Keep in mind that I have a heated garage, insulated pipes, and the dryer vent run is about 20 feet in length (running up to attic and out(insulated rigid vent)).

I have been happy.

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Yuck!!!! Why in the world would someone want to do laundry in the garage???

There alot of stuff out there that is going to get sucked into your dryer and onto your clothes..

-Wet grass on your mower.
-Gas cans.
-Hot enegin smell.

Also the floors are wet in the winter from the snow, or rain.

Salt/sand from the road in the winter.

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mayguy ~

There are lots of folks who have the laundry set-up in the garage. My parents do at their current house and I had a home, in the past, where it was the same way.

Laundry is able to get very clean no matter where it is done. There is no reason to assume that you will get ......

-Wet grass on your mower.
-Gas cans.
-Hot enegin smell.

on your clothes. I was always able to fold the laundry on top of the machines and that provided a fairly large surface. I did bring the bedspreads or blankets in and folded them on the dining room table.

I hope you don't think that just because the laundry pair is in the garage that all the above-mentioned items are teetering above the washer and ready to spill at any moment. Many folks keep their garages clean and in good order.

Having an indoor laundry room or having the washer/dryer in the kitchen may be a step-saver but a lot of older homes have them located in the garage. It's all good!


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Joe Henderson LRG

i think the larger issue is the temperatur change and its effect on rubber

id be very concerned for the longevity of the tubes inside and outside the washer. the run is really about length, the shorter the better. so go with the most efficient run(remember elbows add equivalent feet not just the length of the elbow i think the rule of thumb is to add 7-8ft per elbow)

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My inlaws in Florida have their laundry machines in the garage. This is VERY COMMON, not some backwoods freak of nature stuff. In SC there were neighbors who's laundry was in the carport in a closet. Where it doesn't freeze, these isn't a problem.

In NJ? NO way would I do this. It gets much too cold.

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Here in TX, particularly in houses built in the 1970s and earlier, it's fairly common that the washer and dryer are in the garage. The house in which I grew up, built in 1964, had the washer & dryer in the garage. Our clothes never smelled objectionable, LOL. Most (but not all) newer homes now have utility rooms inside the house. That being said, all washers retain some water in the pump which can be damaged by freezing. Temperature extremes can affect dryer operation, particularly those that rely on temperature-based automatic dry cycles. It isn't a problem with dryers that have electronic moisture sensors.

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Besides the freezing of the washer issue, can you imagine going out to the garage to do laundry when it is the dead of winter? I can't even imagine! Maybe I am getting too old :)

(I grew up in So Ca with the laundry in the garage. It was very common. Now that I live in the midwest, it is unheard of to have the laundry in the garage.)

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its very common to have the washer and dryer in the garage in Florida. In fact mine is in the garage and my house isn't that old built in early 90s. During the hot weather I wish they were inside. Hot as the blazes in my garage from late June until mid October.

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Garage wahser/dryer and Happy.

Hot engine smells... We own a 2007 and a 1999 vehicle and are in great repair. No smells present. You make it sound like the laundry is running 24/7 and drivung into the garage makes it stink up the garage and the laundry is running when not home. Such is not the case. From experience, laundry only gets run during times when we are home.

I have sealed gas/oil/paint cans. Normally the mower and grass don't get PULLED into the washer/dryer unless turned on to "TURBO GRASS SUCK" mode.

Does your inside washer/dryer have a "SPECIAL" skin flake, dust, dog/cat hair, dish soap, toilet cleaner, pledge, cooking mist/oil/steam filter?

As far as temperature, in Minnesota we get that. I maintain about 7o degrees F year round as it is insulated and keep the door closed year round, but to park.

Real estate isn't cheap. As I see it, the more living space the better, selling or not.

(Dryer is vented outside and is ridgid with insulation and cleaned annually)

To each his/her own.


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hi rr4 - I am in Ohio and am planning to take over my laundry room & make my master bath bigger, and move the washer/dryer into the garage, on the interior wall. I just got an insulated steel garage door, but don't have a heating vent directly into the garage. Do you pump heat into your garage? or does it just stay above freezing due to the insulated door & the heat from the attached house?


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We are in the process of moving our washer and dryer to the garage. We do not use it for the mower, cars, or such, and I do not know many people that do now. We have insulated it and will be putting heat to it. I will be glad to have it out of the small room ( 12x5) comming into the house that also hold my furnance and hot water tank in the back. We will be putting a door from that room with steps down to the garage.

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I grew up here in Anchorage, AK. The laundry in many homes here is in the garage. My current garage holds the laundry, water heater and boiler. We park our cars in the garage and not much of anything else. (It's a two-car garage. Literally. Barely room for a shelf on the side walls.) I've certainly never found a reason to be concerned about garage smells getting into my clothes. As long as you have heat in your garage, the laundry appliances should be fine. Obviously, the warmer the garage, the less energy the dryer will consume. Just get some cheap digital thermometer and set it several feet from the laundry so you'll know for sure.

It's a peeve of mine to see someone have a garage and park cars in front of their house...none of them in the garage. If the garage gets used as a storage shed, maybe it's time to purge some stuff?

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Sounds like it's a common things down south.. Always seen it in the basement or laundry room on newer homes. I may be going extream over about the order/smell.

Just can't imagin standing in the garage doing my laundry in shorts while my other half comes home shopping, and the big door opens up and the 10Ë winter air comes rushing in!

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