Crooked chandelier

sashasmommyMarch 4, 2011

Hi All,

We bought this chandelier for our dining room, and it hangs crooked. It's too late to send it back, so we need to fix it ourselves. You can tell that the base where all the arms extend from is not level to the floor or the ceiling. Any ideas on ways to fix it or make it look better before we use the brute force method and try bending things?

Here is a link that might be useful: Triarch International 31613 Rustic / Country Six Light Chandelier from The Petal Collection

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First see if one side/ arm is heavier than the others. Then try compensating by attaching small weights (trial and error) to the arms that seem to be higher than the rest.

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If it's crystal do you have all the jewels? If one is missing that can shift the center to one side. More likely is that one or more of the arms is out of position. The arms should be equidistant at the outside. Don't just push on the arm - it could break. It may take some disassembly to get things right so if you don't have the skills ask a lighting shop to make it right for you.

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There are no jewels... there was no assembly on our part, it came all in one piece. The arms look like they are soldered on. Will try asking a lighting shop, but it might cost more to fix it than it cost us to buy it. :-(

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As David noted small weights added to the outermost point may offset the imbalance. It's difficult to say what kind of weights will work the best. You may be able to hide either lead splitshot or florists putty around the socket if there is room.

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Make sure there is some slack in the wiring feeding up the hanging chain.

It should NOT be pulled tight (more like barely snug).

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There is some slack in the cord I think... I'll check when we go over there this weekend.

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