I'm in love...with my new LG Top Loader!!!!

kitkat3September 22, 2010

Thanks to all of the advice on this forum I was brave and took the plunge into owning my first washer and dryer. My roommates and I are fascinated with this washing machine! We can wash EVERYTHING we own in it and still have room for more!

Granted my first load was a wrinkled mess, but on the second try I used the delicate cycle for my office clothes and underwear and it was much better. My clothes have never been cleaner!I couldn't believe how nice they smelled, even though I used such a tiny amount of detergent.

I bought the upgraded model with the steam feature because we have a lovable, but smelly at times, pet who loves to sleep on our beds. Now it's no problem...we can sanitize our comforters!

No problem with underwear getting twisted like others have mentioned. I washed them on the delicate cycle and they came out perfect. Towels also came out great--no tearing or pulls.

I LOVE my new washer and dryer.....thanks, everyone!!!

P.S. I didn't do quite as good as others on bargaining but I did get free delivery and paid $749 for each piece. I was happy with that....though I wish I had offered $600 now! Getting my warranty on Square Trader.

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Wonderful! I'm so glad you like your new machine, kitkat3.

I got a kick out of your post because I just got a new washer too. I used to hate doing laundry, but am having fun now playing with all the cycles and enjoying the fresh, fluffy results. Off to do more bedding! :)

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Me too. See my post on another thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: feedback on LG Wave top load washer

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Glad to hear that, I LOVE LG products, from my cell phones to my fridge to my front loaders. If they sold clothes I would by LG clothing!!!

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Question. Does your LG TL washer have a water level like this? Just wondering? I searched youtube for demo videos of the LG TL washer and this is all I could find. Usually Euro machines are not representative of US machines....This looks like it uses a LOT more than the Bravos or Cabrio from what I have seen.

Here is a link that might be useful: LG TL washer

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Love mine also! No problem with tangling.

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I would say not quite as much water as that in the video. Upon reading a few customer's feedback I expected the water level to not even cover the clothes and I was leery of that, but the water level is quite adequate every time. I never have to use the "add water" button like some do. Perhaps they are using too much detergent.

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Debi.....Hold on a min.....So ur saying that not only does it use adequate water, but there is an "ADD MORE WATER" button in addition to that? COOL!!!!!!!! I wonder how much MORE water it adds? Even though you don't need it, curiosity would get the better of me and I would wanna at least see how much more :)

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Oh I forgot. May I make a suggestion? Plug your washer into a surge protector to protect it from surges that can fry the sensitive electronics and cause error codes. It won't prevent lightning damage but it will prevent typical surges which can do damage.

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Yes, you can add water to a regular cycle, and then add even more if you want to (great for bulky items). I don't know how much it adds; the manual doesn't say, but next time I do it, I'll watch and get back to you.

Good suggestion with the surge protector. I'll mention it to my DH. We've had issues with our old electronic Kenmore and error codes. Usually, when there's a lighting storm, I unplug my W/D (advice from the Sears guy from years past).

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Ok good! I can't say for 100 percent fact that the surge protector will prevent error codes, but I have not had any at all since plugging my six year old Duet into one. The first year I had the Duet I had error codes, and once the board was changed, none at all since then. Is it the surge protector? I don't know.....But they are cheap and I would use one to be on the safe side :).......Thanks

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