ucl led vs ucl fluorescent?

michoumonsterMarch 5, 2012

Hi all,

I have Juno undercab fluorescent in my current kitchen and have been happy with their performance for the past 6 years. But now I am planning my new kitchen and am wondering if I should stick with the Juno, or maybe there is something better out there nowadays? Would love to hear your recs on UCL LED lighting, what are pros and cons vs the Juno fluorescents? are LED UCL a lot more expensive?

My needs are fairly simple. I basically want really good task lighting for under my counters since i will not have any recessed lights in my kitchen. Dimming might be nice, though i can't see the need for it.. I prefer instant-on, no flickering or buzzing. I have to go by title 24 compliance. I would prefer direct wire and just turn the lights on with a wall switch (i think) to avoid having to locate a transformer somewhere. I have one 5 foot run of uppers on one side of my kitchen, then two 4 foot runs on the other side.

Thanks for any advice!

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Thinner/ lower profile
Very long life
Can be warmer in color output
Can be made into a continuous run without breaks.

Probably will be more expensive

The Philips eW Profile is a nice light to look at.

More details below

Here is a link that might be useful: LED UCL continuation

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Thanks so much David! You helped me out so many times already! I think you are one the greatest assets to gardenweb! The philips are a lot smaller than the juno fluorescents. And it looks like price-wise they are not too much more than the junos too, so it seems like i should do the leds.
Do you know if the 4000k or the 3000k are better?

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If you prefer a warmer lighting color, 3000k. If you want a distinctly different whiter color - 4000k.

I would personally go for the 4000k which really is a personal decision that would horrify some lighting designers.

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