LED rope lighting above kitchen cabinets

LinelleMarch 21, 2012

I have a 9-ft. ceiling in my kitchen. There's about 11 inches of space over my upper cabinets not counting a 3-1/2" crown. I was thinking about running LED rope lighting up there, behind the crown, just to lighten up the shadows. I have something like 20-25 linear feet.

My main concern is power. Is this something I could plug into the fridge outlet? I have a cabinet over the fridge and it wouldn't mess up things too much to just make some holes for the cord. If the fridge circuit won't permit this, then I just won't bother.

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The fridge circuit would do just fine if you just want to see how much lighting you need/ experiment. However, it's probably is a bad idea (long run) - code violation.

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davidtay, thanks for your reply. Is it that the fridge circuit is assumed to be dedicated just to that large appliance or that a long string of lights needs its own circuit? I know so little about wiring that I'm probably not even asking the right question. :)

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The fridge needs a 20A dedicated circuit. Lighting has to be on a different circuit.

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