Kitchen Lighting Plan - Please Critique!

kitchenredo2March 8, 2009

I am trying to pick lighting for my new kitchen. I will have recessed, under cabinet and pendants. Please let me know if any of this makes good lighting sense and what I should change.

Thanks in advance!

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Most lighting designers will want to put the 5" cans over the edge of the counter top to prevent shadows. Many prefer to have two over the sink which is an area that requires high levels of illumination and two overlapping beams of light reduce the possibility that your hands or dishes will block the light. The general idea is to light up your work areas and let spill light take care of where you walk. However, you can do what you drew since you have under cabinet lighting. It is just not optimal. The location of the ceiling joists will have a major impact on where you put the lighting unless you are willing to re-frame the ceiling.

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