Any feedback on Kenmore 4.3 or 5.2 Top Loader

kenmc5September 11, 2010

We are moving to a house with well and septic and not planning to take the 20 yr Maytag. We like our local Sears store and want to purchase a high efficiency washer. Any recommendation for HE Top loader sold at Sears. So far we like the Elite 5.2 or the 4.3 IEC. There are so many more choices than 20 years ago. We are looking to save water as long as the cloths come out clean. Any recommendations? Thx

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Sears Website has good reviews on the HE toploader. Also, you can read about the LG version of it on here since the Kenmore is essentially the same thing, just re branded cause it manufactured by LG

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I would look on Youtube and see if there are any videos of the wash action of the machines you are considering.

I have viewed several of the recent HE top loaders and was underwhelmed, to say the least.

Large loads of clothes, barley wet, just sitting there with a vibrating plate at the bottom. Supposedly they do turn over eventually.

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After checking now we are looking for a basic front load washer that has an extra rinse and soaking options. It doesn't have to be the biggest just hope to get a reliable model that cleans good. Any experience with front loaders sold from Sears. Thx, Ken

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curiousshopper, my HE toploader (Maytag Bravos) doesn't fit the description you gave, at all -- the clothes get saturated (with much less water my former traditional TL's used) and they do turn over regularly. My washer has the glass top and I can see the action clearly.

It cleans huge loads of laundry (5 cu ft capacity) and does it well. I especially appreciate the internal water heater and the fact I can wash king-size comforters on the Bulky cycle.

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