Kitchen Flood Light

Alek22March 20, 2014

I have a 23W CFL flood light over my kitchen counter and it takes forever to come to full brightness (1250 lumens at 5000K).

Can anyone suggest a rapid-on replacement? Doesn't have to be a CFL.


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Cree bulb (100W equivalent) gives off 1600 lumens @ either 2700k or 5000k. Priced about $20 + tax @ Home Depot.

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Thank you!

I found this:

Model # BA21-16050OMF-12DE26-1U100
Internet # 205054836
Store SKU # 1000042554

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I would NOT use that bulb for a kitchen flood light, as most of the light would be lost in the fixture. Instead, you want a BR30 or BR40 (depending on the fixture size), which are designed to shine light downwards. Lighting Science (Home Depot Ecosmart), Feit (Lowes' Utlitech), and Green Creative make some nice bright bulbs.


Home Depot:

Green Creative:

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The fixture is an ordinary overhead floodlight fixture. I don't know the difference between a BR30 and a BR40. Sorry.

How can you tell which shine down and which do not?


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The BR type lights are reflector lights. Any time you have a lamp enclosed in a container, there will be light trapped.

The question is whether you're just looking to do a direct swap (eg A lamp to another A lamp) vs something more drastic.

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