What era is this lamp?

derykhoustonMarch 21, 2014

We bought this lamp about thirty years ago in Vancouver BC Canada. It was very old when we bought it. The brass and copper was black with grime and age when we bought it.
It used to have crinkled cloth with tiny beads sewn into the soft delicate fabric. This material was nestled inside the bottom section of the lamp and also extended up to the crown.
Does anyone know where this lamp might have been made? Would anyone have any idea of the value of this lamp?
It is very heavy duty and has large glass, enclosed globes that cover the lights.
Any thoughts would be welcome.

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Since you have received no comments in 4 days, might I suggest the forum Antiques and Collectibles? That might be a better place for info and values, and this one for questions on what bulb it might take.

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Are they American sockets? Are they original sockets? Has it been rewired? More detailed photos would be helpful. It could be anytime in the first half of the twentieth century. This ornate style was popular even into the early 1960s.

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