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annettacmSeptember 13, 2008

I have a Samsung 328 model. I want to use the My Cycle to set it to dry "Normal Dry" on "Low" for longer than 30 minutes. Right now, if I want to use the Sensor dry, I have to choose Delicates (the only option for Low, and preset for 31 min) or I have to use the Timed Dry, which obviously defeats the sensor feature altogether. I don't want to guess on how long it will take to dry my clothes; that's why I want the sensor.

So they have this thing called My Cycle, which says it's supposed to let you choose the Dry Level, Temp, and Time. Except all mine does it let me choose from the already pre-set cycles. That's stupid. How do I work this "My Cycle" thing or how can I override the times or temps for the other cycles? This is the first thing I've been unhappy with on the Samsung. Whirlpool let me choose "Low" every time.


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I have the same washing machine and almost the same problem. I want to create a "my cycle" which is: timed dry, 38 minutes, low heat. It never remembers my settings. The instruction manual isn't very intuitive on how to save or even create a "my cycle".

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The point of using Sensor Dry is that you CANNOT set a time. On Sensor Dry, the machine determines the time needed by sensing the moisture remaining in the clothes and running until a particular point is reached that the Samsung engineers have programmed as "normal" dry (or whatever is the dryness level you select) REGARDLESS of how much time it takes. The 31 mins it comes up with at the start is an ESTIMATE based on average loads.

Using Timed Dry is SUPPOSED to defeat the sensor. *That's* the point of timed drying -- the machine runs for the specific amount of time set, regardless of whether the clothes end up damp or dried to a Saharan level.

You should be able to set My Cycle by time as follows, assuming the instruction manual is correct.

1. Turn on the power.
2. Press My Cycle (the indicator light in the button should turn on).
3. Set TIME DRY on the cycle dial. (Step 2 and 3 may need to be reversed -- as in set the dial to Time Dry first, then press My Cycle.)
4. Set the TEMP button to LOW (or whatever temp you desire).
5. Set the TIME button to 40min (or whatever is your choice of time).
6. Use the TIME UP/TIME DOWN buttons to further adjust the time as desired ... i.e. 45mins or 48min or whatever.
7. Set WRINKLE PREVENT and SIGNAL as desired.
8. Press START.
9. Sensor Dry WILL NOT BE ACTIVE since you have set TIME DRY to run the dryer for a specific number of minutes.

Assuming the My Cycle button works correctly, pressing My Cycle and Start for another load should repeat the previous My Cycle settings.

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I'm sorry... I thought I was clearer. I want to use My Cycle with the Sensor drying, NOT with the Timer. I know the difference between Timed Dry and Sensor Dry. I UNDERSTAND that if I want to use the sensor, I can't set the time.

My point is that the ONLY preset sensor cycle to let me dry my clothes on Low is the Delicate cycle, that estimates 31 minutes of drying time (whether or not it adheres strictly to that 31 min). I use that cycle for EVERYTHING now, because I want to dry my clothes on LOW (most things say "Tumble Dry Low"). Most often, my clothes still end up damp. So my only option is to use MORE DRY sensor OR use the Timed Dry selection, which I DON'T want to do. I DO NOT want to choose how long to dry my clothes. I paid good money for a dryer that could sense it, not for me to guess (and usually have to put it through again or dry it way too much). So Delicate, More Dry... that's fine, if that's all I can choose to get Low, other than a timer.

What it is NOT doing is letting me set My Cycle, which I thought was supposed to NOT be a clone of all the pre-set cycles they include. Meaning I should be able to hit the "Normal" or "Perm Press" selection AND "Low" for my temp. But when it's on Normal, it only gives me a choice of drying on High or Med. My Whirlpool, if I recall, let me pick the clothes I was drying (i.e. Perm Press, Delicates) AND the temp I wanted to dry them at (Low, Med, High). It may have preset the "best" option for those kind of clothes, but it didn't prohibit me from choosing another option.

Samsung only gives me one or two drying temp options with each selection and won't let me override it. I thought with My Cycle, I could be free to choose Low with any other sensor setting, not just Delicates. But maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe it's broken. It does not remember anything I put in, always defaulting back to the Normal pre-set My Cycle setting for the next load. I will call the company (under warranty) and tell them to "fix" it. If anything, they'll show me how to use the da*n thing.

I just think the manual is very vague on how to set My Cycle and vague on exactly what the heck it is, as mine isn't doing anything close to being "mine". I've followed the instructions exactly, and it doesn't let me choose anything different than what they've already chosen for me. Is it just maybe to select my favorite of THEIR cycles?

Thanks for your help. I hope I was clearer this time. If anyone else uses it, feel free to jump in.

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Per a chart on Page 29 of the instruction manual I downloaded, each sensor cycle is hard-wired to a specific temperature. The fabric labels on the dial could be replaced with temperatures to the same effect. Samsung engineered the control to allow modifying the temp on two of the cycles to one step lower than the default

- Normal = High (Medium)
- Heavy = High (no change allowed)
- Towels = High (Medium)
- Perm Press = Medium Low (no change allowed)
- Delicates = Low (no change allowed)

For the Timed cycles, Freshen Up runs at High (no change), Time Dry defaults to High (selectable to any temp), Wrinkle Release is Medium (appears to also be selectable), Air Fluff is no heat (no change).

Default drying times (estimated for sensor dry) and cool down times are also listed. I'm not going to reproduce the entire chart here. Your choice, of course, to get more "time" out of a sensor dry cycle is to choose a higher dryness level. That's the point of having several selections of dryness level. The main difference between Perm Press and Delicate appears to be that Perm Press has a 10-min cool down, Delicate has 5 mins. The estimated drying time is the same for both cycles at Normal Dry. So Delicate at Low and Perm Press at Low (if that was allowed) is pretty much identical other than the cool down time and whatever difference there may be engineered into the dryness sensing algorithms.

Per the instruction manual, the same steps apparently should work to set My Cycle based on a sensor drying selection. Press My Cycle to activate the memory, choose Delicate, set the Dryness Level to More Dry, press Start. For the next load, turn on the power, press My Cycle and start, and it should run at your previous saved selection. If not, then perhaps something is wrong. Or maybe (for whatever reason) Samsung programmed the electronics to *always* default to Normal Dry for sensor dry selections, not allowing it to be saved as part of a My Cycle.

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Hi Dadoes:
Since you own Samsung and sound like a you really have researched I want to ask your advice about the drum sizes of both dryers and washers--what do you recommend? Also is the Samsung washer as good a product? If there are any other tibits of info you can give I'd love to hear them. My son and his wife would love to own the pair and I want to give them a house warming gift.

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Sorry, I don't own a Samsung washer or dryer. I was simply interpreting the information I found in the downloadable instruction manual on Samsung's web site for the model the original poster was asking about.

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Dadoes: That was really nice of you!

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