Cheaper alternatives for recessed LED lights on a vaulted ceiling

mehmehmehMarch 23, 2013

I am looking to add some recessed LED lighting to a house. the living room has a very slight vaulted ceiling (I would guess only 12-15 degree slant) I am surprised by the cost of the adjustable slant cans (~$50 + expensive trim) or the adjustable LE6 light unit ($100)

Are the cheaper alternatives available or coming out soon? Despite only the 12-15 degree slope I assume mounting the lights flush with the slant ceiling would cause unwanted shadows/glare. Eyeball trim +LED BR30 floodlight?

Everywhere else in the house can use standard cans (~$13) and the homedepot ecosmart CR6 ($24, i believe it is subsidized by the local power company)

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I have basic cans on my sloped family room ceiling -- maybe a 30 degree pitch, and we did the Cree retrofit kit in them as well as the one on a flat ceiling. Why not use the same ones? Are they the eyeball type? We have one of those over the fireplace to light a picture. We replaced it with a standard LED bulb (not sure which one it was but under $20). It does leave some space around it that I might not like in the room itself, but since it is pointed towards a wall, it isn't a problem until we find something better.

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I was stuck on trying to use the CR6 lamps with integrated trim. But since the trim is integrated the only way to use the would be to have the light 105/75 degrees (rather than 90) to the floor. I found an example where something similar was done

but they had two matching side plus the large hanging light in the middle to balance it out. I'm not sure if my room will look right with only the one vaulted side. But the slant of the ceiling is not strong, so maybe I am over thinking this.

I just found these regressed eyeball trims

they look cleaner that the old style that sticks out which I did want to avoid. The LED BR30 lamp is not as efficient or long lasting as the CR6.

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