Surface fixture and recessed lights together... awkward?

dvb75March 20, 2009

Ok. It has been a long, hard road, but the countertop is in and I no longer have to wash dishes in the bathtub. Now I am pondering lighting for my kitchen renovation. My initial plan was to simply replace the 4 ft florescent surface fixture that is currently in place. However, after using the kitchen a while, I now realize that I need lighting above the counter (task lighting). I do not plan to install under-cabinet lighting  that option is not really feasible at this point. My first thought is to install recessed lights. So, my question is: would a combination of recessed lights (for task lighting) and a surface fixture (for general lighting) look awkward? This image shows my kitchen layout and lighting idea ( By the way, there will be a hood above the range that has two halogen bulbs built-in. The kitchen is approximately 13 feet (wall with sink) by 11 feet.

I am not great at visualizing scenes, but I imagine the answers to the question above would mostly be yes - it would look awkward. So, in lieu of using a surface fixture, I have been considering lighting the entire room with recessed lights. I am not sure of the best layout for this space. Here is another image that shows my idea for recessed lights within my kitchen (

This is a relatively humble mid-century bungalow. The kitchen renovation is certainly on the modest side, but is turning out nicely (for a first time DIYer). I am hoping some of the knowledgeable folks here can help provide some guidance with this aspect of the project. It seems that the recessed light/ surface fixture combo would be the easiest on my wallet, but I do not want to make a poor choice simply because it saves a little money. I plan to do the installation myself, so I will only have to pay for the cost of materials. I would also greatly appreciate insight on the best recessed light fixture in terms of affordability and efficiency.

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Surface fixtures and recessed can lights DON'T look awkward mixed together. In fact, if you look at pictures of most kitchens, a variety of lights are usually used including surface mount, pendants, recessed cans, etc. If you haven't been to the kitchen forum here on Gardenweb, I highly recommend it.

It is a very active forum and there are folks over there who are truly whizzes at all things kitchen related.

There is also a blog started by a gardenweb member where other GWs post pictures of their kitchens when they finish remodeling. A few minutes watching the slideshow there will set your mind totally at rest with regard to mixing lighting types. Here is a link to it...

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen slide show

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