q's about loading sheets in washer/dryer=tangling

lilafterSeptember 1, 2008

after a lifetime of using only TL (mostly in laundromats), i recently became a FL owner- frigidaire affinity set. so far, i'm really happy with the set except i can't figure out how to best wash and dry my sheets without tangling.

with a TL, i loosely layered my clothes/sheets, heavier/bulkier items on the bottom and lighter weighted on top. and then tossed into the dryer after shaking each item. the huge dryer drums dried everything at once without tangling.

with my FL, do i open it and loosely lay it on the bottom or lay on top of the other items?

i've read some people place their sheets folded into the washer and dryer to keep it from tangling.

with the washer, i've tried placing the sheets open and folded. when open- some other items get tangled into the sheets. when washed folded- i wonder if its really getting cleaned...

with the dryer, sheets constantly get tangled. i think its because the drum size is too small. tried folding the sheets but it mostly unfolds and tangles again. the only solution i've found is to split the dryer load if i'm washing a sheet set.

suggestions? thanks.

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I try to wash sheets in my Fl with other heavier things. For instance, I'll wash a pair of sheets with a heavy towel or two. Or I'll throw in half a dozen men's dress shirts.

I do absolutely nothing to arrange the load other than making sure that the sheets are actually seperated from each after being pulled off the bed. I load by putting each large piece in individually; for smaller items (T-shirts) I'll grab a bunch and stuff them in together.

I don't have any problem with tangling unless I make the load too big.

I dry sheets on the line, but give them a 5 - 10 minute toss in the dryer beforehand. After pulling the items out of the washer, I re-stuff them in the dryer loosely, not all in a ball from the washer. But other than that I don't find tangling is really an issue.

I think washing the sheets folded would lead to poor cleaning.

To try an untangle the tangling issue I would try these steps: reducing load size, dividing large objects among a couple of loads, and try variations of combining larger, heavier items with sheets until you get to the right combo.



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I bought a Maytag Bravos HE toploading washer in May, and I've washed and dried sheets many times since then. I wash only sheets and pillowcases together, no other items - and I have zero tangling, even less than with my old traditional non-HE toploaders. I use the 'sheets' cycle on the washer, load them as the book says to, and they wash, rinse, and spin beautifully. Same great results with the matching dryer.

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