Led worklight

stoveguyyMarch 18, 2014

Borrowed kids 2 lamp worklight. Uses 500w bulbs. 1 was burnt out. I used light for 2 hrs in garage. Heat is nice in winter. Today 2nd bulb died. Went to store, they had nice led conversion bulbs for $24. Hmm, I got 2 150watt bulbs for $4. Used light for 1 hr. would take 250hrs of use to break even. And son would have light. Ain't gonna do it. But led light was pretty cool. T-3 style bulb.

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for me CFL bulb is better. than LED light, ive been using my CFL for how many years in my desk lamp now and its flicker free

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Of course a pricey led light will never make sense if u use it 2-3 hrs yr. was just surprised our home center had a nice led replacement in stock. I think the light is $40 or so new. Real cheap construction.

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