Doesn't look right, what's wrong with my kitchen light plan?

williamsemMarch 12, 2013

So I've been reading on here and also went to a local lighting place. I thought I had a pretty good plan in mind after gathering all the info. But it looks strange on paper. I think maybe I messed up with the fan placement?

Does this look right? Maybe I'm just not accustomed to this type of diagram?

At the moment, my current kitchen has a ceiling fan/light in front of the sink, a spot light over the sink, a flush mount hall light, and a broken OTR MW light. So comparatively, the new plan rocks. I just can't figure out if it works or not.

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Why do you think you messed up on the fan placement? It's right over the eating area, which is appropriate. What am I missing?

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Well, it seems like it will be a dark corner when we don't want to put that light on, yet it doesn't seem right to fill the whole room up with recessed LEDs either. Not sure if that will give us enough air flow either, but I know nothing about fan placement. It is over the eating area, so maybe that's best?

Also not sure if I need another recessed light in the area across from the DW and Fridge area. There may be plenty of light and just look sparse on paper. It's really not a huge room, but I am not very familiar with how well these 4 inch lights spread.

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Dark corner... You have a huge window there. (I can't tell if that's an archway or a window the pic isn't great). But a fixture over the table is plenty. We have a 5-bulb fixture over ours - you can get as much light out of a hanging fixture as you need. I agree on no cans right there.

Good point about over by the fridge. What is the little 13" counter for to the right of the fridge? That seems like it'll be wasted space and dark.

The 4" Cree are what - 575 lumens? 7 of those plus say 4 more bulbs over the table is 11x575 or approx 6325 lumens. Your kitchen is about 18x12-6x6, 180 sf. That's 35 lumens / sf, which is over the rule of thumb (30).

Looks like your housings are about 3' apart. Hopefully someone who's used them can comment on if that is a good spacing for those... my instinct is two cans over each counter section like you have is good -- but I would do slightly larger cans, giving the option to bump up to higher output lights if needed. (a 5" can instead can take up to an 840-lumen LED light, which is a striking 46% more light)

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I have 4" Cree in my kitchen with 3 on each side and an island fixture in the center. I placed my for function -- one over the oven space, one over my 4' baking coutner and one over the 2' plating area to the other side of the cooktop. The cooktop has a hood with 4 halogen lights and the hood would shield some of the light from above, so the ones over the baking area and plating area are a little further apart, but it works. The other side of the kitchen has them a little more evenly spaced -- in front of the pantry and exterior door and on either side of the sink. The 3-4 foot spacing along the perimeter is fine, but the 8 feet or so across the kitchen does leave a drop off in light over the island, which you would expect.

My spacing might not appeal to some folks, and they would prefer them spaced more evenly as yours are -- even if that butts them up against the cabinet/fridge joint. I prefer mine to be focused on the work areas, even if that means they are not even and symmetrical. Perhaps that's what looks off to you?

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Thanks so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

Squishyball, that's a slider to the patio next to the table area. The 12 inch tall cabinet next to the fridge is a pull out pantry.

I wouldn't mind jumping up to the Cree 6 inch bulbs since they are a little less expensive. But I worry they'd be too close together. What do you think? They will be on a dimmer, so maybe it's not an issue.

I do think maybe one more light at the end of the short wall, accross from the DW might be a good idea. There is a drawer stack at the end of that short run that opens toward the DW. That whole hall area is tricky, but that might be the easiest answer.

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