spotlighting art -- good led alternatives to mr16?

dgdgMarch 14, 2011

Howdy folks,

I am looking to add some directional recessed lights in my living room, aimed to spotlight a couple pieces of art (a photo and a print). Can anyone recommend any specific LED alternatives to MR16 halogens for this purpose?

I was inclined to go with the MR16s (e.g., in 3-4" cans), since I love the way they make bright colors "pop." Also, since we're only talking about 2-3 lights, efficiency is somewhat less of a concern. That being said, I do want to minimize UV damage to the art, and I try to cut electrical consumption wherever possible, so I am open to considering a quality LED fixture/lamp.

Thanks in advance for any and all recommendations!


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There are MR16 LED lights that can be used in place of halogen MR16 bulbs.

Other alternatives
LED track lighting,
LED light bars, ...

I've included a link for a manufacturer that makes LED lighting for museums

Here is a link that might be useful: LED lighting factory

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Thanks, davidtay! Lots of neat stuff at that link. If anyone has recommendations for a specific LED MR16 bulb replacement (or for a good recessed directional LED setup), that would be helpful, too.

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Take a look at the offerings on
You may find an interesting read.

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