Trying to figure out lighting for kitchen/dinette

KelliCMarch 16, 2014

I'm trying to figure out what type/style of light fixtures to put in my kitchen. My kitchen is 10' x 20' with a dinette area at one end and the kitchen at the other. The flush mount fixture over the kitchen is too dim, and I find myself using the dinette light just to bring more light into my kitchen. I also cannot even reach this fixture to try new bulbs because it's 13' off the ground. I know I want a hanging fixture so I can change out bulbs easier, but I was hoping someone could give me some input as to the style. Thank you!



Dining room outside of kitchen light:

Also, I know I need to finish painting haha. That's being done today.

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Possible options
1. Install under cabinet lighting to illuminate the task areas.
2. Indirect lighting on the cabinet tops

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Can't see the overall kitchen but with a set up like that I would choose two matching hanging pendant lights and go much larger than the one you have in the dinette, which looks too small.

For those two I would go with something that takes LED bulbs because they are very bright.

What will help also is under-cabinet or task lighting. That comes in LED or fluorescent bars of different sizes and styles. Those go on the bottom of upper cabinets and the thinner they are the less they show. Or a strip of molding is sometimes needed to conceal them.

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Your house looks beautiful. I want mine to look how you currently have it now! Where did you get those light fixtures?!

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