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laurenjayMarch 23, 2013

I have a fluorescent fixture in my kitchen with 2 T8 48" neutral white tubes. It is a little bit too bright. If I take one bulb out only one side of the fixture is illuminated and it doesn't look right. I was thinking of replacing the fixture with something smaller but don't want a drastic reduction in light. I have a long galley kitchen so I'm thinking I need a rectangle shape fixture. Any suggestions?

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I got a bad shock once from a fluorescent socket where the bulb was missing and I didn't know, so beware.

As to rectangular fixtures, there are some very cool looking modern incandescent fixtures of large rectangular shape with small bulbs or circles, or other decorative items hanging down from them. Some of them are not flush or semi flush but hang from four sides like a chandelier.

You might search for online lighting sources or go to houzz.com and search contemporary lights in kitchens. Good luck.

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You can replace the existing ballast with a "low ballast factor" ballast. That will lower light output by about 20%. You can install lower power lamps and, maybe, bet a similar reduction.

Be careful of combining low output lamps with low ballast factor ballasts. Some combinations will not work well. Low temperature performance is a particular problem, but not usually in a kitchen. Be careful about how the current luminaire is wired. If is has instant-start ballasts, you have to stick with instant-start or get new sockets for programmed-start ballasts.ÃÂ I'd do that latter in a residential kitchen.

There is a table in this document with examples of both substitutions:


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