Please tell me exactly what to buy! Fluorescent Recessed Wanted

tbossharMarch 24, 2010

Oh boy, so many options, my head is spinning.

I'm still baffled by the various trims, i.e. baffled? open?

So, here's what I want. Either Halo or Juno is fine.

I want either 5 or 6" recessed cans for new construction. I want to use the fluorescent lights. I want them dimmable. I like the look of the bulb being not quite flush with the opening. I want the light to just be general lighting for the kitchen area. I already have under cabinet lighting.

So, what exactly do I buy? Please someone tell me!

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All title 24 compliant fluorescent cans will come with the ballast. Dimmable fluorescent will be even more expensive (at least comparable to LED lighting if not more).

If you can wait, you may want to consider CREE CR6 lamps (~$50) which will come onto the market around the middle of this year.

LED lamps can be used with standard recessed cans.

Another thing to consider is whether you need to comply with state efficiency laws (like title 24 for California).

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No title 24 here. Don't really want to wait for the CR6, so any recommendations for specific catalog numbers I should get and exactly what bulb and trim to get with them?

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Cree LR6 (~$80 - $120). A standard Halo can will do ( H7ICAT).
No trim required.

Check out and other similar websites.

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Juno ICPL626E-DB120

TCP 13121

Royal Pacific 8134H 2 Light 6.5in. Non Compact Fluorescent Housing Recessed Can Light
Part #: 3029720

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