6 years later....

kgsmomJanuary 28, 2013

thought I'd post a pic of my kitchen 6 years later :-) A REAL pic of how it looks day to day :-) definitely not a trophy kitchen, the space is well loved and well used, just as i hoped it would be. In beginning, I cleaned my viking (still my favorite thing in the kitchen) every day but that gave way to real life and now I just wipe up big spills daily and on Fridays, I give the cooktop a good cleaning. But even that isn't written in stone...if things are busy, I'll put it off a day or two without a thought. Things I'd wish Id done differently? Honestly not much. I wish I'd gotten the double wide griddle on my viking range as I found we use it way more than I thought we would and almost never use all 6 burners...coulda easily done with 4 and the double griddle space instead. Other that that, wish I'd made the pantry a few inches wider..I didn't realize how much space I would lose doing built-ins in inset cabinets. Still love the colors and my appliance choices, still love my soapstone (chips and all!) and still love the design. The ability to create this kitchen came to us in the form of an inheritance from my beloved dad. I still miss him like crazy, I still would trade this beautiful kitchen for him sitting there in my tiny old kitchen, asking me what I had for a little nosh and still think of him daily with a silent thank you. so for those of you just starting out or who are in the middle of reno craziness - go with what you love and I'll bet you too will be able to check in 6 years later still loving it :-)

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Your kitchen is absolutely lovely, all the more so because your dad made it possible.

I just started a new post about the farmhouse sink styles. Do you like yours? Do you find it's less messy than an undermount? I tend to get water all over myself with my undermount sink.

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Gorgeous kitchen! It's like a hug from you Dad every time you're in there!

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Across the street from where my daughter lives, is a new building with a brass plaque that says, Thanks Dad.

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Thanks for the nice words all. Carsonheim, I love my shaw sink and love the undermount and yes, I think it is less messy. It's lower too which I love being under 5 ft tall :-). Terri0826' it IS like a hug from my dad! And ellendi, I love that :-)

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What a lovely post - it's so good to hear, years later, that things worked out just as you had planned. Is that the F& P dish drawer? If so, how do you like it? Have you had any problems with it? I'd love to have a review from a well-used appliance. Thx :)

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Your kitchen looks so warm and inviting!

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What a great tribute to your father. I write this as I sit with my Dad in the hospital. You have a lovely, lovely kitchen. Thank you for sharing.

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Absolutely beautiful!

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Sherrie Moore

what a lovely lovely post. Thank you!

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Beautiful kitchen!

If I could ask, what are those two lights? I would like to see a close-up if possible - we are looking at adding lights into our kitchen as part of our remodel.

Again, that is a very beautiful kitchen!

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Gorgeous and timeless means that it still looks fresh six years later! Is there a link to your before and after?

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Your kitchen looks well-loved and very beautiful. It's so great to hear about how much you like it, not in the first ecstatic glow, but after six years of real life.

My new kitchen (just started the reno today) is from my dad also, and your thoughts about wishing he were there in your old kitchen to share a little nosh resonated with me deeply. I miss my dad every day, and no kitchen will change that. Thanks for this lovely post.

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That is TOTALLY a trophy kitchen, and still just lovely. Congrats!

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WOW. So many nice things from so many. One of the reasons I love this kitchen site. It was a huge help to us when we were doing our kitchen. First for those who are curious, I've attached a link to my kitchen in the FKB and from there is a link to the before and after shots. Ae2j, that's my Viking trash compactor I think you we're thinking was the f&p dish drawers. I did a Miele dw and still love it. Sarends, I can't remember what brand they were, they were pretty inexpensive though- I think less than $400 for both. I will check with DH and see if he remembers :-) and ill take a close uo for you tomorrow..for those of you missing someone close to you or feeling touched by what I've written about. my dad, thank you so much and I'm sending hugs your way. We may be grownups but a gal never outgrows her dad

Here is a link that might be useful: Kgsmom finished kitchen

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Still as beautiful as it was when it was first revealed!!!!

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Another question - how well has your soapstone held up? Would you do the soapstone again?


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Thanks for posting, still beautiful after all these years. Know what you mean about missing your daddy. A kitchen filled with love and daily nurturing is a nice tribute to him.

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Welcome back kgsmom !! Still love your beautiful kitchen. : )

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Debbi Branka

It's so beautiful! After 6 years, still beautiful!

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How lovely. Both the kitchen and its warmth.
I hope you have many, many more 6 years' of love in it.

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sarends, chips, scratches and YES I would totally do again. as so many others have said, soapstone is not for those who want a perfect, gleaming counter but it works for us :-) and the brand of lights is Framberg and I've attached a pic

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going though some photos and found this pic from thanksgiving last year..REALLY shows the kitchen in use- mess and all :-) Thanks again for all the lovely words from everyone. Hope you are all now or will be soon, enjoying your space as well!

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Lovely kitchen! I have the same Shaw sink and I love mine too. My remodeled kitchen has been done for a year, but I still love walking in and marveling at it! I'm sure your dad loves it too and is very pleased :)

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I anyone popped themselves up to sit on my wife's marble counters (they're her's - the kitchen might be 'ours' but the marble is her's 100%) she'd likely faint :)

Looks great - a well used kitchen is better than a perfect one. Our counters have all manner of etches and a few chips and it's perfect.

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