low voltage indoor lighting - problem

shimmerstormMarch 5, 2010

I think we may have a mess on our hands! We ventured into the world of low voltage lighting for our reno upon the recommendation of a good friend who has had it for 2 years and loves it, and the recommendation of a lighting consultant. The electricians and the contractor tried to talk us out of it - mostly on the basis that having a transformer adds "another part that can go wrong."

Anyway, we went ahead and all the housings have been installed. Now I'm shopping for dimmers. Today it has been pointed out to me that in some cases we have insulated and non-insulated housings mixed on the same circuit (second level of house with finished attic over part of floor, insulated space behind pony walls over rest). The insulated housings have electronic transformers while the others have magnetic. However, I understand the dimmers have to be one or the other.

Am I out of luck here? Do I need to start rewiring or pulling out housings?

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone has!


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Not all IC rated recessed fixtures have electronic transformers. Typically this is just the off shore brands that have done this. And with them you can typically order the fixtures with either type of transformer. You should not have mixed the two on a single light zone. I suggest calling the fixture manufacturer for help and advice as they may be able to supply magnetic transformers for the IC cans. The cans must be serviceable from below without taking the house apart so you should be able to make the swap.

Here is a link that might be useful: LV dimming guide

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Thank you for the link, dim4fun, and for the advice about the swap possibility. I will get them to look into this. The cans are definitely serviceable from below.

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