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kruzalotSeptember 28, 2008

I've been reading about Sears detergent on this site so I went to Sears & bought the orange box of "ultra plus laundry detergent with stain fighting formula". It was 120 loads for $5.88.I haven't opened it yet, but when I looked online for Sears detergent it said it was by Desota. Did I buy the wrong one? It's not in the bucket, but I don't need HE & thought this was the same without HE. Is this the same one you are all raving about? I don't need HE, but I do like low suds. If I got the wrong one, I'll return it. I only wanted it because everyone said how good it is.

I do like using Charlie's soap because of the low suds. Hate Tide 2X. Rinsing all day to remove soap.

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I bought the bucket of Sears Ultra Plus Laundry Detergent with Stain-Fighting Formula (orange lid) - the bucket has the HE symbol on it. When I went to the webpage to view the box you're talking about, I didn't see the HE symbol on it. I suppose you could call Sears to ask them if the boxed detergent can be used in HE machines - and I wouldn't use it if they say no. In that case, I'd return it for HE detergent. Sears is still selling the formula with Oxi-Clean; I like using it on whites.

The manager of my local Sears appliance store said the HE formula is being re-formulated. However, you may still find some buckets with the HE Ultra Plus Stain-Fighting Formula at Sears stores - they have orange lids. I'm sure they're selling them until they are gone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sears detergent webpage

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I saw the big bucket of stain fighting HE with the orange lid when I was in the store, but I don't need the HE formula for a regular top loader. I thought I was purchasing the same formula, but not HE. Now I don't know if it is the same. I saw the Sears web site & the box I got says Desota not Sears, even though it's sold by Sears. I thought all the detergent was the same at the Sears store, just in different containers (with or without the HE formula), or with Oxi-clean, etc. I buy oxi-clean alone, so I can always add it.
I just want to know if this is the same detergent everyone says is great, or did I buy a different "Brand"?
If so I'll take it back,

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kuuzalot, now I'm's comes naturally for me though, lol.
Did the box you bought say DeSoto on it? I am seeing a box on the website that says DeSoto in the title, but it doesn't appear to say it on the box. I really don't know what the difference would be. Maybe someone else will know that answer.

In the Sears stores I've been to lately, the boxed detergents were the non HE formulas. I've never seen the DeSoto detergent in a store. If you got the Ultra Plus Stain Fighting Formula, you should be fine with it in your TL machine.


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A few months ago I bought a tub of Sears Detergent with the pink lid. 32-9860

Ultra Plus HE w/Fabric Softener 275 loads (no OxiClean).I figured I could add my own OxiClean if I wanted.

Ultra Plus is a tm (trade mark) (maybe by Sears)

There is a 800-837-0994 on the box.

It may also be made by DeSoto, but the non-HE may have different ingredients.

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The orange box I bought in the store is the same as the one on the Web site that says Desota. In the store it just said Ultra plus laundry detergent with stain fighting formula. Didn't say Sears or Desota. Hope it's the same ingredients as the HE one, except made for regular top loaders.
Has anyone used it? Is it good?

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kruzalot, I apologize - I somehow missed the part of your post where you said you don't need HE detergent.

I've heard that all Sears detergent is made by DeSoto, but I don't know if that's true, or not.

I would definitely call the Sears 800 number with your questions.

Did you read the reviews about the boxed detergent, at the website? They were unanimously positive. Linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: DeSoto detergent in orange box

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Have no fear. What you bought is fine. The boxes of Desoto and Sears are the same thing. They will work just as well as the bucket Ultra Plus it's just that they are not low sudsing. Since you do not need a low sudsing detergent it won't be a problem for you anyway. Just follow the directions on the box for your wash and all will be well.

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