PatSeptember 27, 2012

I know this is OT, but it is related to skin sensitivity that we discussed on this Forum before. I remember that you said you like Cetaphil Cleansing Bar, but please tell me if you tried Vanicream Cleansing Bar before you settled on Cetaphil. Still trying to pinpoint my sensitivity.


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Haven't tried either of those, but Aveeno Oatmeal Soap works for alot of people with skin sensitvities.

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mydream, thank you for that tip. Have not tried it yet.

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@patan - I have not heard of the Vanicream bar soap. I have used the Aveeno Oatmeal 'moisturizing' soap and it was nice. The Cetaphil bar soap is the one that is ~not~ the antibacterial one. Triclosan is the anti-bacterial ingredient and it has caused problems for me in the past.

I also use a Tom's of Maine 'moisturizing' bar soap, but for my skin, it doesn't work as nicely as Cetaphil *and* the Tom's leaves a far worse soap film on the shower tile.

Have you ever tried any of the pure olive oil soaps, like Kiss My Face? As with all soaps, KMF has different formulations but there is one that is quite pure. I did not care for it but it is quite popular.

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I just "Googled" the Vanicream. None of the ingredients are known irritants to my skin. I'll have to look for it at the store and give it a tryout. Thank you for the tip!

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Cavimum, you may have a hard time finding the Vanicream bar. I can only get it at a large Walgreen's store, not a small Walgreen's store and not anywhere else except on-line. I will be interested to hear if you like it as well as Cetaphil, so I hope you post here after a few washes. I personally need triclosan in the summer when I perspire. The Cetaphil has the least amt of triclosan, Dial original gold has the next highest amount, and my favorite Safeguard soap has the most. When the weather cools, like now, I switch to non-triclosan, moisturizing soaps. I am 71-1/2, so moisturizing is important, unfortunately. That's why I like the Cetaphil Antibac so much. I get the antibac but a littlel more moisturizing with it in the summer. I'm still loving my powder laundry detergents with extra rinses, but we'll see how this winter goes with my skin. Thank you for sharing your skin experiences.

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