nini804March 21, 2011

I am in the middle of a custom build. I have only have so many dollars per allowance...and I am a lighting fiend. From my designer, I have all of these lighting catalogues...but nothing really sends me. I guess what I like is probably obscenely expensive, like those thick lanterns from New Orleans and whatnot. Anyway...one of my friends told me to check out overstock.com and I was really surprised by the selection and especially the AMAZING prices. I could save a ton if I bought fixtures from them. Has anyone done this? The reviews look great for most of the things I am looking at...I am thinking I will start small, like ordering a chandelier for my daughter's room, and see if the quality is ok...then proceed. What do y'all think? Anyone ordered lighting from them?

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The non-lighting items I purchaaed from Overstock were as described and for a decent price. The price was not outstanding, but they had out of stock items. Realize that most of the stuff Overstock sells will be unwarranted and may be customer returns or manufacturer refurbs.

Check out the other web-based lighting retailers (Lighting Direct, etc.). They will certainly have a better selection and good prices. To be honest all but one of our lighting purchases in the past 10 years have been from brick and mortar stores and the prices are usually close to the net prices. They have to be close or they would be out of business.

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I recently completed a remodel of our entire house and ordered 5 or 6 lighting fixtures from overstock. I was very pleased. I was even able to match the very expensive, more than double the price fixture I bought at the local upscale lighting store. They have all been installed more than a year and they look great and function perfectly.

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We, too, are building with a lighting allowance. We, too, got lots of catalogs from our builder, but I found 90% of our lights online. Coincidentally, I bought a chandelier for my daughter's room on overstock. Shipping was very quick, no issues, and although it is not installed yet, I love it! I have also ordered from bathkitchendecor.com (slow but least expensive), lnt.com (linens n things - quick), csnlighting.com (lightning fast - one day), lampsplus.com (tbd), and lightinguniverse.com (tbd). It's great to have so much variety, but so much variety leads to too many choices. Lots of hours of looking, but all fun! Good luck!

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I purchased a couple lights from overstock and really liked the quality and price. Most of the lights for current build came from lightinguniverse.com and exterior lights came from lightingnewyork.com.

As with any web site...READ THE REVIEWS!

If you find a light you think you like but doesn't have any reviews, check other sites for reviews of that light.

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We did all of our ordering for kitchen and bath remodel online and overstock.com is excellent. Their 2.95 shipping for anything included huge items and always came quickly and in good shape.
I always buy from them if they stock the item and have never been told " oops that is backordered."
Great site!

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hi ya overstock.com is good site..for the lighting fixtures..in my point of view check out for rugs and lighting.com they have realy good lights at genuine prices..check out for that site once..

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