Help, Motion sensor light in my office is driving me batty!

bevangel_i_h8_h0uzzMarch 29, 2009

So management of the downtown office building where I work decided to "go green" (which I applaud) and installed motion sensor lights in all the offices. Now, when I sit at my desk busily working at my computer - which is pretty much what I do all day - after a few minutes my office lights will go out. Apparently I sit too still while I type. LOL!

Anyway, to the get the lights to go back on I have to semaphore my arms at the light sensor. This happens about every ten minutes or so and goes on ALL DAY LONG. It is driving me bonkers!

Since complaints to building management have been unavailing, I'm thinking about buying a cheap pendulum clock and hanging it above the light sensor so that the pendulum swings in front of the sensor...which of course would totally defeat the purpose in the first place PLUS it involves the added cost of an otherwise unneeded clock and the battery power to operate it.

Anybody got any better suggestions? Is there a way of turning up the sensitivity on these sensors so it will "see" my busily moving fingers?

thanks in advance

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There are different types of wall switch occupancy sensors available as well as adjustments that can be made to many.

For your type of office tasks a dual mode occupancy sensor would be best. These use infrared to sense major motion to turn on initially then ultrasonic to detect small movement and stay on. These also, for the most part, can adjust themselves.

Here is a link that might be useful: Watt Stopper

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Clock won't do it, since these usually use infrared--temp of clock is same as temp of room, so it's like a wall to the sensor.

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So heimert, you're saying that the problem is NOT my slug-like movements but my reptilian body temp?


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They can set these things to different levels of sensitivity and how far out they pick up heat/motion. We are building a house with the motion sensors all over the place. We are having to select how far out in diameter they will pick up motion (so a person walking down the hall doesn't turn on a light in an empty room) and how sensitive - so the cat doesn't turn the dang things on and off. Have maintenance adjust the thing.

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On most of them, there is a wee, tiny fuse, that looks like a little metal U with a black plastic cover at the top of the U, that plugs into the switch assembly, behind the wall-switch cover. Just remove the cover, pull out the thing and the lights will stay on until you switch them off.

You don't have to disconnect the power to do this. I've done this in 2 different offices now.

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