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shappyMarch 11, 2012

I have T5 fluorescent lights installed by the contractors 11 years ago. Thought it would be easy to have an electrician swap them out for a 'warmer' light , I refuse to use the ones I have now, i HATE the light. Current bulb says F8 T5/cw which I assume is 8 watt cool white.

But it sounds like the choices aren't so clear, I originally thought I'd go LED but see there's complaints on the cool color. Since this will cost a fair amount I thought I might try using a different fluorescent bulb first, a 2700 but can't seem to find. Any thoughts?

Does anybody have a fluorescent bulb that looks good and if so, where can I purchase the bulbs? (12" size)

Thanks !

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ok i went and got one, it looks exactly the same as the old cool white bulbs. Do the LEDs look better? Which brand?

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If you did not remove the other bulbs, you have no yardstick.

Dimmable Xenon and LED's you may find abrasive at full brilliance, however when dimmed tend to enhance the grain and texture of the countertop.

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Not sure what you mean by no yardstick. One side of the room 'cool' light and other 'warm' light--the 'warm' actually looks brighter/whiter/cooler. The ones Lowes sells aren't dimmable so thanks for the heads up.

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Have you taken a look at the MaxLite LED UCL?

Here is a link that might be useful: MaxLite envlights

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The max lite bars are direct wire. The led lights link is for low voltage which requires a power supply.

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David I looked at the max lite bars and they said you needed a cord --so I'm assuming the direct wire is the default and the cord is only necessary if you don't have direct wire. Is this also correct --they only come in 12" increments and you need to join them together? That seems kind of pricey so around $150 for a 24" strip? On the other hand I did buy an LED rope (9 feet for $18 at costco) and really liked the light so much more than the fluorescent. Just a question--why are the bars so much more than the rope?

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The cord does not have to have a plug on the other end. You need a terminal block to connect the romex to the cord. The cord is then plugged into one end of the bar.

There is an end to end connector so that the bars can be joined without a flexible cord.

The cost of a bar is roughly $40+ to under $50. So 24" should cost less than $120 (including shipping). Most sites offer discounts for bulk purchases (> 4)

The output for rope is lower than bar in general.

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Im still confused Do i need to buy this terminal block?

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You need the terminal block (2-Screw Terminal Block For Hard Wiring) to connect the romex. ~ $12.

Alternatively, you would get LED lights like those made by Kichler which have a substantial body to house the romex end.

You can call up env lights and speak with a pre-sales person.

Here is a link that might be useful: parts guide

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