Please help: Chandelier over a dining room table

jillspMarch 27, 2011

I have an oval dining room table that measures 48x60. The room that it occupies is a dining room/kitchen combo which is really not too big. I recently purchased a Hubbardton Forge dining chandelier (Trellis 10-3075) that measures 25.3 inches deep. I'm a bit worried that it might be too small for the table. I've read that you take 1/2 the measurement of the width of the table and that should be the width of your fixture. (OK, that works for me... 24 inches.) But I've also read that you take the width of the table and subtract 12 and that should be the light's width. (That doesn't work at all... 36 inches.) I am concerned about these two schools of thought. Which one should be followed? I can return my chandelier. Please let me know what do you think.

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Hi Jillsp-

I think you should be fine. Yes, the common rule of thumb is to determine the diameter or width of the table top and select a lighting piece that is half of that measurement (the diameter of the table top).

Your fixture size should not be determined by the size of the room at all, but the size of the table it is over. If your chandelier is not too heavy, my advice is to have someone hold the light over the table while you take a step back and simply use your own judgment and decide if you like the way it looks.

There are two schools of thought here because in general, design is about personal taste and opinion.

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Thank you Tiffany_Lamp_Fan for easing my mind. Your advice is excellent and I wish I could just hold the light fixture over the table however I am in the middle of a huge great room renovation and the dining table is packed away somewhere in the middle of lots of other furniture. I appreciate your confirmation of the formula; 1/2 diameter of the table=chandelier measurement. Now I can stop stressing about the light piece and start stressing about everything else (going wrong) here. Thanks!!

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