Cost to install recessed lights

stretchadMarch 30, 2008

Early in planning stages for a kitchen. I am wondering:

1 - what does one typical recessed light fixture cost?

2 - what should I expect an electrician to charge for installation per hour?

3 - How many hours does it take to install a recessed light?

4 - Will electricians repair the ceiling if they do damage?

FWIW, the kitchen has living space above it, and I think we'd like to install about 8 recessed lights, total.

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We are in midst of a remodel, installing 9 cans, but do have access to ceiling above. Basic 6 inch (line voltage) cans are inexpensive - our 6 inch "new construction" cans were less than $10 each. Our 4 inch (line voltage) cans inch cans were about $20. We also are installing 2 (4 inch) low voltage cans - $75 each. Trims for the cans range from about $10 to $30. Remodel cans (used when you are not tearing out the ceiling and have no access from above) are slightly higher.

Can't really help you on the cost. Our ceiling was taken down plus we have access from above and we are replacing all wiring in the kitchen. I really have no idea of a "per can" installation cost.

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I asked my electrician about that last week as I want to put some more in my kitchen . I have an atttic above so that might make my cost different, but anyway the electrician said he would do them for $150 per light, fixture included. I live in middle Tennessee. That might make our costs different also.

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For new construction the cost of our recessed cans were similar to tkbalt. We are paying our electrician $50 per opening and $50 for every switch. So if we connected three cans and could switch those in two different locations we would pay him $250 (three can openings + two switches). If one of those was a dimmer we'd pay an additional $25 (plus cost of the dimmer). We are in Chicago and again, it's new construction, so ceiling and walls are wide open.

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Regarding electricians repairing drywall, most people don't want to pay an electrician's hourly rate just to repair drywall. Especially since they tend not to be terribly good at it.

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Installing old work is quite a bit more costly than new work due to the fishing of wires. The fixture costs above seem pretty close however situation may dictate a special old work can ( shallow cavity, insulated ceilings) these are things that can not be foreseen before the first hole is cut therefor I estimate at least 200 per can and with the cost of wire right now that price is steadily climbing.
I do not patch and paint as said above being an electrician I suck at it and I do make some decent holes. Pa. Philly area

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This is one reason that surface mount fixtures make the job cheaper than cans - you need fewer of them.

They also don't make your ceiling into swiss cheese, increasing heat / cool air loss. And the light is more even.

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