Gas line and duct on left, water valve and drain on right

buddyboyincSeptember 27, 2012

My laundry room in our new house is set up with the gas line and duct on the left and water outlet and drain on the right. Since most front load washers I'm looking at do not have reversible doors, and are set up for the washer on the right, I'm thinking this layout is forcing us into a top load washer. However, I'm a little gun shy of buying an HE top loader because they seem to have more issues with balance, with potentially catastrophic results. Choosing the wrong cycle for a comforter and having the washer explode is something I could see my wife doing.

So I'm thinking of going with the Maytag Bravos XL 950, unless someone tells me it's ok to use longer hoses and ductwork, and criss-cross the water lines and dryer duct. I believe I have plenty of depth - I could probably pull the washer and dryer out a foot from the wall and still be able to open both doors to the laundry room.

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I don't know if you looked into Electrolux front loaders but both the washer and dryer doors are reversible.

Samsung HE top loaders seem less likely to explode due to a better suspension rod system used.

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I just bought Electrolux washer/dryer and the doors are reversible.


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My old Maytag Neptune I had the door reversed. When I bought the Samsung's I reversed the set up. Because of the way my laundry room is configured I actually like the new way. The room is long with the washer/dryer towards the back. So I can leave the door open (toward the wall) and not have it in the way. Before I was always going around the door in order to load the washer.

I used the square solid space saving duct work to run behind the washer. So I have the additional width of the washer for the dryer duct line. It isn't enough to make any difference in my dryer performance. The only thing I did have issue is the solid duct was vibrating off the washer unit. I fixed it with some foam that has sticky tape on the back. My dryer is electric so I didn't have to deal with a gas line.

The washer I put on the leak detection hoses. All the hoses, etc. need to be bought just a little longer just so you have room to hookup and then slide the units into place.

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At this point, I'm considering getting either an LG WM3470HVA (or the Kenmore equivalent) or a Maytag Maxima MHW7000X, and either using longer gas line/dryer duct/washer hookups to swap locations, or just living with the doors opening the wrong way.

Stupid me, I did just have a full copper repipe done, including the laundry room, and the gas line added to the laundry room, so had I done my homework, I could have had the two positions swapped for a lot less than it would cost now.

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My laundry is set up the same way, and they were able to install my top loader washer on the left and the dryer on the right. I was quite pleased. My utility room is too narrow for a front loader. Maybe your installers could do the same thing?

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If the gas line and duct are on the left, isn't that where the dryer would go? And the washer would go on the right with the drain and water line?

We have a front loader with the washer on the right and that's the way ours is set up.

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A good installer can put dryer on the right and washer on the left. It was done at my house.

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