Replacing kitchen canned lights in California - Title 24

bonsMarch 15, 2013

I need to replace my current kitchen incandescent canned lights with LEDs (first choice) or fluorescent to meet Title 24 requirements.

Can my current canned lights be retrofitted and still be 'legal' or do I have to replace the entire canned light?

I hope I asked this question correctly - I don't know much about lighting.


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Depends on the extent of your remodel.
The simplest is to use "drop in" replacements. This assumes that you're not redoing the lighting layout.

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You can still use incandescent, you just have to use lower wattages. They are making lower wattage lamps now that claim to have the same output as your originals. The problem - they burn out much more quickly.

Good luck!

(another Californian, that works with entertainment lights and has to deal with Title 24 all the time grrrr)

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I was told that drop-in replacements using an Edison base would not qualify in our jurisdiction as a high efficiency luminary. As it is with all situations, a lot depends on your local building inspectors. The regulations in kitchen are even more complicated than in other areas of the home. If you have already determined you will need to swap our your existing lights, then you may need to swap out the can to an air tight model with an acceptable (GU24 or proprietary) connector. There are provisions for existing luminaries, I think, as well as you could spend your "low efficiency" wattage on some noncompliant light. Your GC or electrician will be able to tell you.

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I am replacing all of the existing cans with Title 24 compliant air tight LEDs.

I have not seen written anywhere that I can use lower wattage incandescent.


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If you're replacing the cans, get gu24 cans or the halo led cans. Cree has a gu24 pigtail which can be spliced in place of the 2 pin Halo connector or for that matter, an e26 Edison base.
The intent of the new connector is to prevent people from fitting incandescent bulbs in the fixture. The gu24 or bi pin connectors are no more efficient than the e26 screw base.
Incandescent bulbs may only be used if you can satisfy the requirement that 50% of the lighting is provided from high efficiency sources. Even so, it will get progressively difficult to get incandescent bulbs.

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