Need help finding a ceiling fan

GwenyPMarch 16, 2011

Hi, we need a ceiling fan for our living room that has vaulted ceilings and would need about a 6' downrod. We originally picked a Hunter fan but due to the angle of the ceiling (41 degrees) it wouldn't work. I called Hunter and they gave me the part number for an angled ceiling adapter but it still didn't work, so the Hunter went back. We don't want to keep buying and returning fans if they're not going to be able to fit the ceiling. Now I'm considering a Minka Aire, Savoy House or Casablanca. Does anyone know if those fans do OK with angled ceilings??

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Almost any fan can deal with angled ceilings. The question is whether the adapters a specific fan will fit the angle of your ceiling. That's best answered by talking to a dealer or calling the manufacturer and having the specs for your situation in hand.

Sounds like you have a steep pitched roof.

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Yeah, well, I called Hunter directly and they said their adapter would fit up to a 45 degree angle and it didn't work. (We have a professional installer, fwiw). I was hoping for some BTDT advice.

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It's all but impossible to give specific advice given the limited description. OK, you called Hunter, but did you also call Minka, Savoy and Casablanca and provide specifics about the installation? You have a professional installer so why don't you let that person pick the right hardware.

Better yet, go to a fan store, use their expertise to select an appropriate fan and hardware and perform the installation. Sure it will cost a bit more but but will get done right the first time and you won't be spending endless hours buying and returning hardware that doesn't fit.

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