Skip recessed lights, focus on ceilings & under counter lights?

SparklingWaterMarch 29, 2013

Hoping to get some reaction on this. I'm very aware light layers are advised. I'm just not much of a multiple recessed kitchen light person and find there are some beautiful flush and semi-flush lovely fixtures on the market, including LED.

My kitchen has a central light fixture and the adjacent eat in pantry has two older flush lights which actually go fairly high space wise behind the bulb/recessed fixture. Our ceilings are 8'6".

Here are two Fabbian Faretti flush mounts I'm considering for the pantry. I'd pick one style for both ceiling holes, the first centered between a tall pantry cab and two glass upper cabinets, and the second over the eating space. These would work well overall with the house style and the new room design and the direct wire and recessed space is already there. Fabbian has some lovely kitchen ambient light fixtures also for the kitchen proper.

These would be in addition to under-cabinet lighting, where I am planning LED direct wire fixtures that fit a 3/4" light rail on frameless cabinetry. I'm struggling with finding these in direct wire as most are for wider light rails and/or rather dear in cost (Kichtler and Phillips-both take taller light rails?). Do you have any less pricey but not brief moment delay on (Lowes) rather instant on suggestions? I have read the led knowledge thread multiple times but haven't found a 3/4" height direct wire LED solution as yet.

Thank you very much.

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The main recommendation is to figure out the amount of lumens needed in the space first then the necessary fixtures (and number).

Unilume will fit within 3/4" height, but cost quite a bit more than the eW profile.

The lower the profile, the higher the cost. The other possibility is low voltage lighting if the profile is that important.

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Well, it looks like I'm going to have to consider low voltage then. Direct wire would be more convenient.

I will re-read the LED ucl instructional threads now with low voltage in mind. Are there a couple manufacturers you might steer me too that are reasonably priced, have the aluminum casing, 2700 warm light, and reflect well on most counter tops (not intense dotted lines)? The transformer (think that's what it's called) would be placed in the basement, accessed near the kitchen.

davidtay, have you ever heard of a low voltage led ucl transformer interfering with another low voltage system in the same room? The Broan make up air damper for the vent hood, as all universal mua dampers, also requires such a system from kitchen to the basement furnace via low voltage signal. I don't want humming and flickering throughout the kitchen. Any thoughts on this? Thank you.

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The light dots can be mirigated by either positioning the bars or replacing/ covering the clear lens with frosted covering (eg tracing paper).There might be low voltage and low freq harmonics that could be generated.

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