recommendations for replacing/updating track lights

gardenmomMarch 24, 2012

Hi all.

My living room ceiling is looking VERY old and outdated. We built the house in 1989 and installed track lighting in the living room. The electric box is in the NE corner of the ceiling with 2 tracks, one running E-W along the wall with the TV and the other running N-S along the wall with a sofa and chair.

We talked about installing can lights, but the floor joists for the 2nd floor run E-W. We'd need to cut through a lot of joists for the wiring. Plus dealing with the ceiling. We weren't anxious to tear out the ceiling. The current lights are those big old spot lights (5 of them).

Any suggestions?


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The way I would approach the issue would be to figure out how much light is currently being produced (in terms of lumens) and if more light is needed.

Next would be the style followed by cost considerations.

Suspended tube lighting, a number of small retrofit cans (4"), cove or perimeter lighting could be considered.

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New here. I was looking at Phillips Lighting USA last night for a home office. Check out the Dramalux for a more modern track. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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What's the state of development for LED track lights? I've light the Cree CR6/HD Ecosmart 575 LED can lights in my kitchen. I have an old halogen track light that goes down the bedroom hallway both for general illumination and to highlight some artwork along the hallway walls.

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