Dimmability of Cree LR6

PoorOwnerMarch 3, 2009

I have 6 LR6 drawing 72W

I bought a Cooper Aspire smart dimmer.

The nice thing about the dimmer is that it ramps the light up to turn on and down to turn off.

Cree has told me it will not shorten the life by turning it off and on this way, but not increase the life either.

My question is will the dimmer make the LR6 flicker as it turns off the light slowly. I have enough load so it should just shut off cleanly below 20% mark. The dimmer is expensive, so I want to know if I should bother with this.

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We put in six LR6 lights in the kitchen and two in the dining room. One set flickered intermittantly even at full power when switched with a Lutron dimmer. I replaced the dimmer with a non-dimming switch - problem solved.

Dimming to 20% power is a lot brighter than I thought it would be, for a couple of reasons. Light perception is a logarithmic function i.e. a light dimmed 50% looks barely dimmer - and the converse - doubling the light output (lumens) will not "look" twice as bright. The other factor is that LEDs do not shift color temperature toward "warm" as they dim.

Will I replace the switch with a new, better dimmer? No. I don't think that dimming is all that important to me. Am I happy with my LR6s? Definitely!

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Hi, thanks for your help, I suppose I won't bother with the dimmer since it does not dim at the same rate as incandescent lights, then the ramping effect of the dimmer will be useless.

Also I like it when it's 100% brightness in the kitchen anyway.

Do you have any pictures of your LR6 lighting up the rooms?

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Hi poorowner, I just took this shot of the kitchen at night - lit only by the LR6's. The picture gives a pretty fair rendition of the color temperature.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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