Lighting a dark hallway with a low ceiling

anzmdMarch 31, 2010

I am trying to come up with ideas for lighting for a dark hallway. It is in the center of the house, and currently has some semi-recessed square lights where the housing is recessed, but there is a square glass piece that sticks down about 2 inches. The ceiling is 7'6" or so.

My idea was to put up some crown molding and have thin undercabinet lights on top of that. Has anyone done this or seen this or heard of this or see any potential problems with this? Another option would certainly be to get some regular recessed lights. The ceiling is just very "busy" with vents and the attic access, so I am trying to think of ideas to minimize that.


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That would be interesting. A number of led sellers have pictures of led strips used in a similar fashion.

You'd probably need to use a low voltage transformer hidden away, perhaps in the attic, assuming 12V or 24V lighting.

As for wiring low voltage lights, you could pull standard low voltage or tape wiring.

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Some of the square fixtures are still made. If you are lucky and have Halo 8" or 10" squares you can still buy trims for them. The dropped glass lens was just one trim choice. There are other flush ones.

Here is a link that might be useful: Halo

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