Halogen Torcherie repair

bearcat222March 11, 2013

Thank you for reading my message. I am a novice at lamp repair. I own a secondhand halogen torcherie that I would like to fix. There is very little information on the lamp. The base is stamped "PAF studio DUNA Design Mario Barbaglia Marco Colombo Milan Mad in Italy"

The ferrule surrounding the ceramic that goes around the contact is stamped "DMT-020-6/250" The "D" might be an "O"

I believe the contacts are so badly corroded/burned/worn that this is causing the light to keep turning off. I'd like to replace the contacts, but they appear to be integral to the wires. If I can crimp on new contacts, or just replace the whole wire-and-contact assembly, that would be great.

Can you suggest what I would need to buy, and from where? Thank you.

PS, yes I am aware that these lamps are extraordinarily dangerous and can start fires. If there were something safer that would put 300 watts of sunlight bounced off my ceiling, at an affordable price, I'd use that instead. I live on $900 a month social security, so a $100 to $300 lamp is out of the question. Thank you.
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Are you talking about the socket contacts?

They are not normally a replaceable/repairable item.

You replace the whole socket.

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I have two and had to have a lamp repair service put a new switch in. It is the only thing I have found that I can read with at night.

You know the dangers connected with them I assume. They get very hot so keep the away from draperies and other flammables.

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If the switch has failed you replace the switch.

Most use similar hole sizes ad mounting.
if it is an odd switch it might take more time to find one.

Sounds like someone picked a switch based on the running current of the bulb (watts/volts) and neglected that the initial starting current can be significantly higher for a few cycles of the AC power until the filament heats up (while the contacts are still bouncing a little bit, like every mechanical switch does on closing).

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