Mini Pendant Lights: Interchangeable Glass Shades?

CollagePaintMarch 15, 2012

DH and I are just beginning to look for mini pendants for our new kitchen and are entering foreign territory. A significant part of our interest is the idea of periodically buying different glass shades for them. Online photos suggest that there are a few *collar* shapes and sizes (don't know the proper term) used on zillions of mini pendants. Can we reasonably anticipate being able to buy new shades in the future, or do the shapes and diameters of the *collars* and shades change so much that we should buy several sets of alternate shades when we buy the fixtures?

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Check out WAC and buy the shades you like at the same time.
They have plenty of fixtures which use a variety of shades.

Manufacturers will frequently change the specs of a fixture or discontinue the fixture without notice. It would be much easier on you to buy the replacement shades at the same time as the fixtures.

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Thank you, granite man. I suspected that that might be the answer-- it just would have been fun to think that we could look forward to buying additional shades when we came upon ones that we really like.

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My kitchen use pendant lighting buy at amazon.

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Buy anything you want at the same time as the fixtures.

There are no hard standards governing fixture shade design.

The next manufacturing lot may not be compatible with previous lots.

Some fixture globes have not changed in years, but those are the exception more than the rule.

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