Asko 'Butterfly' Drying System - does it work?

thezteamSeptember 13, 2010

Hi All,

I have king-sized sheets that always got tangled up in my compact Maytag and would require several cycles to dry with lots of untangling in between. I'd like to get a dryer that won't tangle up my sheets. Does the Asko 'Butterfly' system work? Does it have reverse tumbling or is it just different shaped paddles in the dryer drum?



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Sheets rolling into a ball, or tangling up during drying is my BIGGEST annoyance! If this is a concern for you, you really should go with a Miele dryer. It has true reverse tumbling, that happens from start to finish.

Asko does not reverse, and their "butterfly" drying is pure marketing! Their dryer drum just turns one way!

Electrolux Wave Touch 'Perfect Tumble' actually does reverse directions...but only in the last NINE minutes of the cycle. By this time, sheets and other items have already been tumbled 30+ minutes in one direction.

With Miele, clothes, sheets...everything comes out fluffy, soft and basically wrinkle free!!

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The Asko "Butterfly" drying does not work. If you throw in large sheets or covers, they will tangle up into a ball. The butterfly system does nothing to mitigate this. The only solution is a reverse tumble, which Askos do not do.

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