LG WT4801CW - dL Error code, anyone else?

greyhound119September 24, 2011

So I just had my new TL washer delivered last Saturday. On the 3rd load the error code "dL" was flashing and the lid wouldn't open. Looked in the manual and it said it was a lid lock error. Followed the directions and was able to get the lid open and cleared the code. Same thing happened last night except I couldn't get the lid open or clear the code after numerous attempts. I turned it off, unplugged it, etc.

Called LG and was told they couldn't help me since I bought it from Sears. Called Sears and the soonest they can get out here is Tuesday. So my wet laundry was in limbo until Tuesday. DH came home later and did the same thing and also shook the machine a bit and was able to get it open and the code cleared. Ran another load today and it happened again. This time it was harder to get the lid open, but we did, although the error code won't clear.

So service will be out on Tuesday, but was wondering if this has happened to anyone else with a TL LG? I'd like to know what to expect when service gets here.

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Sounds like a computer board problem. The washer has a "memory" of about 10 mins after it's unplugged (or so my DH tells me), so if you just unplug and wait a few seconds then plug back in it won't help as the machine still remembers where it was in the cycle as well as the error. You can try unplugging for at least 10 minutes and then see if you can get the door open when you plug it back in. My FL has a similar problem and I have found if I hit pause then press the start button again it will typically start back up. (Don't know if your TL has the same setup.) Sometimes I have to wait about 10 minutes(with it plugged in) between pushing cancel and start. If all else fails, I flip the circuit breaker for 10 mins. DH is replacing our board next week.

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