Bostonpam's almost finished kitchen

bostonpamJanuary 18, 2012

Well, it will be years before it's "done" so I thought I will unveil it now. We've been using the kitchen since April 2010. We still need to build the banquette, table, pantry, and a cabinet built-in outside the pantry plus many other unfinished projects throughout the house.

We converted our 1825 house back into a single family. I see us as caretakers and want to respect the house. It will still be here long past we're gone. We spent a lot of money on things that you can't see - like all new plumbing (some of it was from the 1860's or earlier), all new wiring (most was installed when it was invented plus the whole house had ONLY 2 light switches), upgrading to 400A service, structural support in the basement, and new HVAC. We moved the main staircase, gutted all the baths, added a half bath and mudroom, bumped out the kitchen 7' plus a few other things. We were lucky since we had a working kitchen while the new kitchen on the 1st floor was being installed. We added a pool plus a home automation system.

We're a family of 4 but entertain a lot - normally twice a week for 8 - 15 people. We coach robotics plus other sports and do theater so I'm cooking for 15 - 30 a few times a month additionally. We have families stay with us for a week many times a year. For example Thanksgiving week will have 7 - 10 additional people (3 different families) staying for 5-7 days and dinner for 12 - 30 every night. We have fundraisers here including chef demonstrations. Our kitchen is a work horse. We love it!


Granite - typhoon Bordeaux

Range - Blue Star 48"

Refrigerator - Samsung RFG297

2 DW - Kitchenaid

2 microwaves - 1 new small cheap one for the "sandwich" area and a 20+ year old Amana that just won't die

Farm house sink - Rohl RC3018

Prep sink - Franke ARX11014

2 Insinkerator excel evolution garbage disposal

2 airswitches; 2 Tapmasters

Undercounter refrigerator - Kitchen Aid Architect Series II

Main sink faucet - Vinnata K-690 chrome

Prepsink faucet - Vinnata K-691 chrome

Potfiller - Rohl U.4799LS

Fan - Prestige 54"; Blower - Prestige RB00 1600 CFM

Cabinets - Cabico in cherry

Chandeliers - Savoy house Oxford

Undercounter lights - Kichler Xenon

Above cabinet lights - rope lights from HD

Pantry lights - school house fixture from Rejuvenation

Bell Jar light - Pottery Barn knock off from Overstock

Hardware - Restoration Hardware - Aubrey knobs and Gilmore pulls in oil rubbed bronze

What I love:

> Island - huge expanse where everyone in the family can help prepare dinner. I do all my prep on the island

> Tapmaster - DS has food allergies so I was my hands 6+ times when making meals; DH wasn't too keen especially with the price but now he wants to add it to the bathroom sinks!

> 2 DW - gotta have it with all the cooking and entertaining

> Blue Star Range - love the 22K BTUs and the 2 ovens

> Runnels

What I hate:

> My Pella back door is a triple lock and a real PAIN to lock. We didn-t know how to lock it for 8 months (and didn-t realize our back door was unlocked)

> I got a spice rack in an upper cabinet - their shelves cannot be changed. I would take it out but the interior shelves were cut to accommodate the spice rack. I do have a lower pull out between the frig and microwave

What I would do differently next time:

> I pulled out my main sink cabinets 2". I should have made my uppers 3" deeper

> Another runnel or two and closer together and maybe 3" longer; each runnel cost $150

> My cherry cabinets are soft (I had maple before). I have so many dings, scratches and dents already (20+). Maybe I would use a different wood next time.

I want to thank everyone here for all their help and guidance. I picked my architect because he had a lot of experience designing kitchens. He gave me an uninspiring design. The day before I ordered the cabinets I finally had the guts to post here and I got a much better functioning kitchen. I love the huge expanse of the island across from the range! So thank you all!

Before pictures are during our house inspection when we bought the house. After is the same view.

Kitchen outside wall is where the cabinets end. We bumped out 7' to the right.

This is the "sandwich" area. With food allergies home made school lunches are a must. I keep things like bread, snacks, etc. here and it's a step away from the frig. We also have a charging station for the phones and the 2nd microwave.

Here is the never dieing microwave. The TV at the end of the run also can be switched to a computer and is on our network. It's on a swivel and can be pulled out. DH got me a keyboard and mouse that can be washed in the DW. I now can pull up recipes or look up something on the web while my hands are a mess.

This niche will be the future built in cabinet. It's not too deep so it will be mostly wine glasses. We love doing blind wine tastings and need 4 - 6 glasses per person.

Behind the range wall is the unfinished pantry. Just some cheap shelves were thrown in. In the future the back wall will have deep cabinets with glass doors and the side wall on the right will have shelves with sliding glass doors in front of them. With cats we can't have open shelves.

The kitchen was part of the clapboard addition between 1840-1860. The main house is brick. Originally I was going to repaint the brick wall but so many people love it. For now, I'm keeping it unpainted but will seal it. It has milk, lead, oil and latex paint on it. One area was blocked by a radiator (I figure around 1890's or so). The round vent for the old stove can be seen in the brick. Behind the sink I kept the brick from the old stove. I was planning on keeping the brick on the floor too in this area but one of the workers got carried away and ripped it up. The kitchen ceiling was lower (that's why there's no paint on the upper portion of the brick). There was an old floor that there. Our guess - in 1914 when they converted the house in a two family they raised the floor on the 2nd floor and additional foot so it would be level walking from one room to another. We took out the old floor (old growth pine painted from 1840-1860) and will try to work it in the banquette (table or bench).

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You've been busy! We're doing much the same with our old house. I feel your pain. It's alot of work. From the look of your kitchen it appears to be well worth it though. Your kitchen looks beautiful. Love that you kept the brick wall. Your counters are gorgeous and that range makes me just a little jealous. It must be a pleasure working in such a bright yet warm and charming space. Enjoy!! By the way, love the color. What is it?

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What a great looking kitchen. I too suggest leaving the brick wall as is and just sealing it. I love things that tell a story and just think of the stories that wall could tell.

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Oh, my...I want a kitchen like yours when I grow up! My favorite shot is of the 2 walls with windows showing your gorgeous island. I sighed. It's how I know if I need to take note - I either sigh or smile. I think I smiled some, too. :)

Your Samsung fridge is just what I wanted when I got mine - they only had Stainless Steel at the time. I have tried every trick in the book in keeping the fronts not 'runny' looking. I have to have bone-dry hands to never leave a mark. It's not just the water marks, it's others who open/close who don't use just the handle. *sigh* I do love the fridge, though. It's a real life saver for my back.

I have 2 upright freezers one of which will be in the kitchen in our new house. We plotted, planned, moved stuff but I have no choice but to put one of the freezers in my kitchen. I'm going to have the fridge at one end of the L and the freezer at the other end of the L. Oh, well. My kitchen freezer is a workhorse & function beats form on this one. The other freezer is in our entry - it will be in our pantry in the house.

Paint - can you tell me the color? Love it!

Do you have more plans for the exposed brick? Love that part, too!

Congratulations on a job very well done!

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S Lunsford

What a wonderful kitchen and story!!! I do love the brick and wouldn't change it a bit!!

Great job transforming that space!

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Looks great! Thanks for sharing! I remember the saga when the workers tore up the brick! Did they get out alive? I can't remember.

Such a beautiful and warm kitchen. My dh is in Boston right now...can he come over?


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Looks great!!!
BTW - what subway tile did you use? Is it white or an off-white?

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Great job, neighbor!

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I love the brick! What a warm and inviting kitchen. Congrats on being almost finished.

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Gorgeous! Love the color of the cabinets with the beautiful granite. Love the concept that each child has their own DW. Well done!

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Thanks for the wonderful comments. The paint color is Benjamin Moore HC-4 Hawthorne Yellow. I always wanted a sunny yellow kitchen. I thought this color would be too dull but it's great once it's on the walls. Usually the yellow I pick ends up too bright on the walls.

I'm keeping the brick as is for now. After we finish the other tasks in phase one I will revisit the brick wall. It's growing on me.

Bee - What a great memory. I was furious at he guy who chiseled out the brick and in tears at the time. The brick in a small part of the kitchen would have made the floor uneven in front of the sink and it stopped partly in front of the DW on the right. It is in the main travel path and would have probably been a tripping feature. I'm fine with it gone now. After that my contractor would not throw out a thing without my approval (painfully pulling old wallpaper off before demoing a wall - some wallpaper original from 1825, saving all trim, floor boards, etc. - everything except plaster). He wasn't allowed to throw out the old square nails. He left the old wood in a pile and I pulled out all the old nails. I will make some type of sculpture/art out of it. It was good I was around - they would come and get me before throwing items in the dumpster.

a2gemini - I will find the tile info tomorrow (packed away while we're finishing the office) but the info I have on my computer is it's "biscuit" - a light cream (white was too stark) and it cost $3.65/sq ft. It's from a big manufacturer - maybe Daltile. I lived with a few tiles on my counter for a week before deciding on one. I wanted to see them in all different lights and it took a week before the sun would come out that spring LOL

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Wow! A beautiful, livable space! I love the brick as is!

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Loads of character in a very nice kitchen!!!

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Lovely and so sunny!! I love the windows, brick, cabs, and granite. You picked a great shade of yellow--so sunny without being too intense. And I'm in lust with your range!! Thanks so much for sharing--enjoy!

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Hawthorne Yellow comes up again.
What a lovely color.
That's all I can say because I'm going back to revel in the changes again.

How beautiful and what character.
You're a creative, lucky person!

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Pam!! It's wonderful! I'm not a big wood cab fan, but those are lovely in your space. That exposed brick makes my heart go pitty pat.

The two Tapmasters made me chuckle. I only have one, and its on the prep sink. I felt like a dork last week standing at the cleanup sink with my foot pushing at the pedal wondering why my faucet wouldn't turn on. Took me a good 10 seconds to figure it out. Fori joked with me that I'd be kicking the bathroom vanity soon. Sadly, she was correct. Last night I stood at the vanity washing my face fishing around with my foot for the pedal. Double dork! Put one on your vanity!

You've done a great job! Lots of work, stress, and decisions behind you. Enjoy your new kitchen. Btw, that before kitchen was pretty awful....

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Sooo glad you finally posted Pam!! I check in every now and then and have looked for your "finished kitchen" often :-) It came out wonderful! That stove is such a great addition! Having put in Cherry/Cabico I feel your pain about dents! (eeek) I cringe everytime one of us catches the edge. "LOVE" old houses and you are doing your's proud. Can't wait to see more of your home as you work on it - please - Cindy

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Breezygirl - I even kick my basement sink and other people's sink. The before kitchen is actual much nicer than our kitchen. This was the owner's kitchen on the 1st floor but we moved into the rental upstairs and rented downstairs. Our kitchen had the same layout with no DW or vent, no uppers on the range wall and only 1 small (9") cab next to the range (other side had a large radiator), red counter, white counter, frig plopped in the middle of the room and blocking light from windows, horrendous wall paper... We had to do a quick mini update because I refused to live like that until the major reno. We bought HD cabs (Ikea was still 300 miles away), DW, formica counters, sink, faucet, GD for under $2K. The cabs have been retired to the garage and basement.

Cindy - office is almost done (maybe pictures in a week) and now I'm trying to pick the colors for the billiard room and DR. Jumped on a great price for a pool table on CL just before XMAS. Originally thought that was going to be the last room finished but DH now wants it done sooner. Boxerpup's Jesse is coming today to help me with another project on a fireplace. Ran out of money long time ago so almost everything is DIY. It never ends...

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So glad you posted. I have wondered how things were going. You have done a stellar job. I love the brick wall ! I kept my exposed brick too and my GC thought I was crazy. c

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Your kitchen is very beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

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It is just beautiful! I love all of the colors, textures, woods -- and your appliances, sinks, faucets, etc. are amazing. It is so pretty AND functional in every way. Washable keyboard and mouse?!?!? Tell me more!

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Awesome kitchen! Thank you for sharing. We also have TB granite, but no backsplash yet. I'll be waiting to hear what your bs is, because it looks great!

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It's beautiful!!!!
Enjoy your new space,
Could I ask how the cabico cabinets are working out?

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Beautiful, beautiful space! Your old house is lucky to have you.

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another BS question...I notice your walls are painted yellow. Does your bs read "yellow" too? It looks beautiful in your kitchen, with your TB, but I'm trying to stay away from yellow.

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Pam, Great job!
Terrific layout.
I really like the integration of the old brick with the subways on the backsplash.
How are you liking your Bluestar.
We've got a 36" 6 burner. It is a box of fire.
The brick wall is fantastic.
Thanks for posting.

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Lovely, lovely, kitchen (I'm especially fond of yellow kitchens!)

Re runnels: did you mean the each runnel was $150, or $150 per side? Can you give details about the length, width, separation and change of depth in each runnel? I want them, but $150 each would put them out reach for me. Can't imagine why they are so expensive unless the cost reflects the risk of destroying a good slab from time to time while cutting them.

I, too, live in a mid-19th c house and feel a strong sense of caretaking about it which trumps all else. You have done a good job there - and I know how hard it can be.


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Thanks for all the great comments. This kitchen and renovation is a labor of love.

tile - 3 x 6 subway American Olean in Bisquit. Every time ANYONE came into the house I would ask them what tile they liked and why and kept a running report for over a week. People thought I was nuts. Not one tile won in all lighting conditions (night, sunny, overcast, afternoon, etc.) but overall the American Olean came out the winner. I lucked out since it was reasonably inexpensive.

The tile is a very very light cream. I don't think it looks yellow-y. When you look at it quick I see a soft white - no yellow. If you look longer you see cream. I brought over 20 tiles home to find the right one. White tile was just too stark for me.

Legallin - wireless washable keyboard and mouse is from sealshield and you can supposedly buy from Best Buy, Walmart, etc. My DH found it - he's a software engineer and does his research. I have not sent it thru the DW yet.

kmmh - I really wanted Crown Point cabinets but couldn't afford the price. I got a great product with Cabico. My contractor thought I paid a lot more for the cabinets than I did - he loved how well they are made. He was very impressed with them. (Cabico is semi-custom cabinet manufacturer out of Quebec) My disappointment is how soft the cherry is. I never had cherry. I have many scratches, dents and dings. I was not expecting this much. I had maple before which is much harder. This kitchen gets a real hard work out and I have very young nephews here a lot. My kids cook a lot too starting at age 8 and don't necessarily respect things as I would.

willtv - I love my bluestar. My kids are having a tough time adjusting though. They keep following the food directions and I keep reminding them not to use the called out strength of the flame - especially on the 22K burners. They keep having to scrape food from the bottom of the pan. Eventually they will learn. I've been burning up wood spoons too. Because of food allergies and cross contamination I sometimes leave a wood spoon draped across a pan. The high flame/heat output can char a spoon. I'm on my 3rd set in 2 years LOL. I also LOVE my fan. For 1600 cfm - it's unbelievably quiet - less noise than my old recirculating fan. I was a bit worried with the talk of make up air and air pressure. Recently I had a free home energy audit and they measured the air pressure drop with all the fans going on at once. My HVAC systems are closed so it shouldn't be a concern. There was a small drop but not much. Of course with an old house it's not airtight.

liriondendron - my fabricator charged $150 for EACH runnel for a total of $750. Quotes from mutliple fabricators ranged from $250 to $1300. some charged per runnel, others for the entire job. There was a $4K price difference from the low end to the high end from the fabricators for my job using the same 2 slabs. I was out of the country so DH made the decision on who to use. Not my choice but I accepted it and they did an OK job. I have no seams so I wasn't as worried.

My runnels are 15" long and 1/2" wide. Measuring across the 5 runnels is 8.5". Next time I would add another runnel and make them a little longer. It's hard to measure but it looks like it's 1/8" deep at the sink and it's a gradual slope.

Here is a link that might be useful: Washable keyboard and mouse

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The second I saw the brick I was hoping that it was going to stay --Yay!!

The kitchen is wonderful -- and I also like that you have a white fridge in there. I have given up on my stainless fridge. When we do the remodel, it will be banished to the mudroom and I plan on getting a white counterdepth.

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lawjedi - personally I don't like stainless refrigerators and I'm fine with the white. We had our contractor create a niche behind the frig - 5" or 6" deep. The space came out of the back stairway which was over 3' wide. we can now have a full size frig but be counter depth. This is a main path and depth was a real concern. Kids are constantly playing with the frigits- marbles and magnets - on the bottom of the frig. It's great fun and teaches math and science. The white doesn't show all the hand prints.

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Nice! Your kitchen is so warm and inviting!

I have a completely random question. Your doorknob we see a glimpse of in one of the bottom photos, is it antique pewter? Who makes them and what's the finish? I'm asking because when I told our lighting girl my plan to paint our interior doors charcoal or black, she said there's antique pewter hardware that would look really good and not disappear like ORB or black would and not be so stark like silver. Yours looks muted like I imagine that would be.

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- the brick
- the layout
- the AMAZING corner of windows
- the sandwich making station
- the colored (red?) range!
- the wineglass alcove and pantry to be

Nice, nice, nice! I'd say "Enjoy," but it sounds like you really know how and are well underway!

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What a warm and inviting kitchen. I especially love your red/or wine colored range! I love your backsplash, your granite counters, and your wood floors.

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Thanks so much for sharing your pics and a bit of you/your house's story! Absolutely beautiful job. Love the yellow, love the old brick, love the red many things to love really. It's warm, cozy and invites you in for a sip or two (or more?!) of whatever wine is for the tasting...

And THANKS for the link to the washable keyboard and mouse. They may find their way into my house down the road!

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Thank you for all the warm comments. Without your help the kitchen would not even be close to what it is.

babs711 - I had to really search for the HW answer (and I'm still doing it). The bathroom door knob is a Schlage knobset - I think in antique pewter (great guess). They have a lot of different finishes (15). For my mudroom I used Baldwin door knobs from capecod brass. Baldwin also comes in a lot of finishes but a bit pricey -

Here is a link that might be useful: Schlage door hardware finishes

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What a great new space! I totally LOVE your cabinet color, it's so rich and warm and looks fantastic. Also love the range, the wonderful chandelier over your island, the great island itself, your faucet choices and so much more. Congratulations on a great working kitchen that looks beautiful too ... form and function so nicely blended together.

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Love all the windows and natural light! Your color choices are so warm and inviting. So beautiful!

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I adore all the windows and the brick... FANTASTIC! The layout is outstanding, love the floors, the cherry, and granite choice. BUt...OH... that brick!

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Thank you for all the great comments. It warms my heart on this cold day. I'm glad everyone likes the brick. Originally DH sanded it and we were going to paint it. It was a low level task so we never got around to it. So many people who come here love the brick. As the owner of an old house I would look at it as another task on my endless list to make the house more presentable. That style with paint peeling or showing thru - I have that naturally though out the house without trying (LOL) Yes, it may look nice in a new house but here I normally sigh and add it to the to do list. Here's one place it will stay. If we knew we were going to keep it we would have sandblasted it before the kitchen install to even it out a bit more. I did paint the brick behind the sink the same color of the tile - another reason why I went with subways. Not the same size but similar. Thanks again.

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Love the whole design, and especially the brick. Keeps it from being too perfect - sounds odd but it's one of the hallmarks of Japanese design, that nothing should be perfect. It makes your kitchen unique and individual!

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You have married the old with the new divinely!!!

I don't know if you had intended originally to keep the brick but it looks like all your materials were picked to incorporate the brick. Wonderful kitchen to treasure for years to come!

If you have time can you tell me the distance countertop to countertop from your prep sink to your range counter. TIA

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aloha - we were severely limited in the width of the kitchen. That brick wall is 18" thick and on the other side (behind the range) is a stairwell and then a garage. Counter to counter is 37 1/4" and end of range to counter is 34 1/4". We mocked it up for a few weeks. I never had an island before and that was very difficult. I walked into the kitchen and boom - an island blocking my path.

Now I LOVE my short distance to the range. It's a turn and pivot. I'm NOT a small woman and many times there's 3 or 4 people helping out with another person on the range side of the island. It's not a problem for us. Sometimes with guests there's a jam on the other side of the island with people milling about but it still works for us. If I had all the space in the world I would still keep the tight aisle between the range and the island but widen the aisle on the other side. I use 4 to 6 burners at once most nights and the turn and pivot is key for me.

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natebear zone 10B

Great job! It looks both functional & beautiful. May I ask where you found those ventilated onion & potato canisters? I love the look of fruit sitting out but I don't want to stare at my onions & potatoes! LOL

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Gorgeous! I love old homes and you did a great job in keeping the warmth and adding modern touches!

In my old farm house my husband I painfully chiseled the plaster off of the chimney in an upstairs bedroom to expose it's character. It had already been done in the lower level in the dining room, but if it hadn't we would have done that project too... it adds so much character, life, and warmth to the space. I encourage you to leave it as it is... put a transparent layer of protection on if you are worried about the lead paint in the kitchen, but otherwise... let it shine :)

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Bostonpam, great job. Love the cherry cabinets. We just did them as well and I just warned DH that they can be dinged - hopefully he'll be careful. We've got lots of food allergies over here as well so I understand about planning your life around them. Love the brick and it has such a great "Boston" look. Also love the granite you chose. Everything looks wonderful!

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Thanks for all the positive reviews.

Natebear - another GWer gave me the website for the canisters from See link below. Now I have to figure out a way to store my tomatoes. Right now they're on the counter.

suziqzer - I would love to see your pictures of the fireplaces and the mantels you used. Another room had a wall covering the fireplace. When the contractors were here we had them take the wall down. That brick was never suppose to be exposed but we will probably keep it as is. We may have to clean it up more. Not as pretty and "clean" as other brick walls. I have to figure out a mantel. All the other fireplaces on the 1st floor are marble or another stone (possibly slate - trying to figure that one out since it's painted and I will eventually strip it). I think the stone mantels in our house give a more formal presence and this FP does not have it.

dallen11 - tapmaster and soap dispensers really help a lot in the kitchen with food allergies. I can easily wash my hands 10 times while preparing dinner. We're always worried about cross contamination. I have 8+ cutting boards so I never run out plus plenty of knives.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fresh Valley Canisters

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Beautiful! So warm and inviting--I can hardly believe that is the same space! Well done!

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Hello Pam,

Your kitchen renovation project looks great! Are you still experiencing issues with your Pella back door with the triple lock? I'd like to put you in touch with our Customer Support Specialists to see if they can help with that. Please call our Customer Support Specialists at 1-800-374-4758 or e-mail at If you e-mail, please include your full name, contact information, your concerns and purchase location, if known, and photos of the door in your home in the e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you. Good luck finishing your renovations!


Hillary B., Pella Community Manager

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