Led lights - tall sloped ceiling

dgg66March 17, 2012


We would like to put in our 2 story family room (20 feet high) led recessed lighting. We wanted to use CREE cr6 lights, but they are not able to work on sloped ceilings.

Does anyone have an alternative to the CR6 in a sloped ceiling? Thanks.

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Is it new construction or retrofit?

If new construction you can get sloped ceiling LED lights from Juno (e.g., their IC926LED6), and no doubt others.

If existing, and you already have sloped cans for incandescent bulbs, there are a number of PAR38 and BR40 style LED bulbs out. Cree makes their LRP-38 - but it is pricey ($70-$100). There are other PAR38 and BR40 style bulbs that are in the $30-$50 range.

My house has 13 of the regular Juno IC926 sloped ceiling cans with 75 watt BR40s in them. But since there are other lighting alternatives in the rooms, they aren't used that much. So it doesn't make fiscal sense to spend a lot to replace the bulbs. However if I were doing the ceiling today, I would probably just bite the bullet and either put in the IC926LED6 units, or (googling around a bit looking at prices) maybe save about $50/can by using the regular IC926 again with the LRP38 bulbs.

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It is a remodel and there are no existing cans in the ceiling now. The only lighting in the room is from an old ceiling fan that is also going to be replaced. The room always seems dark and cave like at night.

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