Blanco Culina

dcmarvelJanuary 25, 2014

This question is for anyone out there that has been using the Blanco Culina.... I love the look but the sales person told me the hose falls off of the magnet easily...

Can you tell me what your experience with the Culina has been like? Do you love it? does it fall off the magnet easily? are you happy with your choice?????
thanks for your thoughts!

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We've used our beautiful Blanco Culina for a half a year now in our remodel and we love it!

My family has found the strength of the magnet to be better than sufficient: we've never had a fall off the magnet episode. The magnet is strong enough that as you use the faucet and sweep toward the magnet, you feel a slight draw to the magnet head. It's great in holding it in position.

Similarly, the Culina faucet rinse and spray function is good: easy to move the faucet around the sink and reach all regions as well as spray with low enough force to avoid splash back.

Obviously I'm biased for the Culina. It's made our prep/rinse life easy and is a great faucet. I highly recommend it.

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I've been using the Blanco Culina for about 7 months and I've never had any issue at all with the magnet. It is very strong.

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Thanks for your feedback!

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Used it well over a year now and love it. The magnet holds really well and hasn't presented a problem for us at all.
It is great functionally (love the spray) with a more sophisticated look than it's counterparts. We've had a number of admiring comments from visiting users as well.

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HI, was looking at the faucet today and am wondering if anyone who has the faucet can speak to the stream mode and how the spray mode is - soft or strong enough to move food off a plate . Do you have the mini or the regular size? Is it your only faucet at the kitchen sink?

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