How to center DR chandelier over DR table

mama_miaMarch 17, 2011

Our dining room is rectangular, and the chandelier is in the center of the dining room ceiling. This makes sense in an empty room. However, because the hutch is on one long wall of the rectangle, and the buffet table is on a short wall, the dining room table is not in the middle of the room. To be above the center of the DR table, the chandelier should be about 24" to the north and 24" to the east of where it is.

This is particularly noticeable when I have some flowers or candles in the center of the table, because they are so obviously not below the chandelier. Same with hanging a decoration from the chandelier for a birthday party. Of course the lighting is also a big issue.

So, how to correct it? The hole for the chandelier could be moved, but this seems like such a big job for me, and too small of a job for a contractor. All furniture would need to be moved out and the ceiling would need to be patched and painted. Question: is this easier than I am imagining?

I was also wondering if a better / easier solution would be to just replace the chandelier with a track lighting fixture... are there any that have pendants with diffused lighting i.e. the lights shine up instead of down? Any other suggestions for this situation? Thank you!

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You might get a swag fixture with plenty of chain, and fix a hook where you want it. That way, when you decide to put the table somewhere else (or the next owner of the house does), the light is easily moved again.

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It can be very simple depending on the wiring.

It is not more than a one day job in many cases.

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