LED Lighting is in!!

Whit461March 18, 2013

Just wanted to post to everyone who helped us, the LED CR6 lights are up and look great. We bought the Ecosmart brand from HD, used Halo housings. Once the ceiling is painted we will adjust the Edison fixtures inside the housings to bring the trim flish to the ceiling.

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Looks good! I have about 40 LED lights to buy so we are getting 3-4 a month.

Nice windows too! Peke

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The sockets are supposed to dangle loose. The base plate needs to be removed.

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Yup. That's the only way to make 'em fit flush. Thanks everyone.

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The other little trick to making them fit flush is to watch carefully where the three prongs go into the can. Make sure they avoid the slots that stick out for the hooks on regular trim to attach to. Also helps to rotate them slightly until they are snug against the drywall.

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I have this arrangement too - so you can't just loosen the hand bolt on the Halo can (new construction IC, although they're being installed in a basement w/o being surrounded by insulation) and pushing the base plate further in?

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No you have to remove the plate.

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